Lost Ark: The Best Farm Excavation Locations (2023)

Lost Ark: The Best Farm Excavation Locations

Lost Ark is an MMOARPG that has a lot for players to do. Whether it’s doing quests by yourself, teaming up with your friends, or even fighting them in PvP combat – Lost Ark is a lot of fun and allows players to enjoy exciting battles.

However, fighting is not all that Lost Ark is about. Resource management is one of the most important things in the game; this even extends to the professions that the player can join.

One of the best jobs in Lost Ark is to participate in Excavation, and it’s a very profitable line of work that will set you off into different parts of the map for your adventures.

There are tons of spots in the game that can be farmed for excavations, but not all of them have the same kind of rewards. Some excavation points will give you far more rewards than the rest, so those are the ones that are truly worth your time.

As usual, it takes a while to search all of them yourselves. So, we’re here to make your day by suggesting Lost Ark’s best farm excavation locations!

The Best Farm Excavation Locations in Lost Ark

If you’re new to the game, excavation in Lost Ark is simply the act of traveling to different parts of the map and then digging highlighted locations to find ancient relics and valuable items.

One important thing to note is that what locations you can successfully excavate in is based on your character’s tier at the moment. It’s split between Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

1. Best Tier 3 Farm Excavation Locations: Secret Forest and Tikatika Colony (Punika)

The Best Farm Excavation Locations in Lost Ark

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Tier 3 is where the fun begins, especially if you have reached item level 1100. The most popular excavating location to go for when you’re looking for tier 3 materials is the Secret Forest, which has great rewards waiting for you to find. However, being popular means tons of other players will be present, which can be distracting.

So, the Tikatika Colony in Punika is the best option for you to go for as it has tons of rewards for you to find but without the crowds that usually show up at the Secret Forest.

These two are the best farm excavation locations in Lost Ark and we highly recommend them when you meet the requirements for being a tier 3 player.

2. Best Tier 2 Farm Excavation Locations: Feiton and Azure Wind Island

Once you reach Tier 2, it’s time for an upgrade. Not only are you going to do better in every way compared to Tier 1, but you’ll also have 2 of the better farm excavation locations in the game which are Azure Wind Island and Feiton.

In Feiton, you can find the best items towards the Monastery Plaza part of the map, which can be found in the Shady Cliff region. 

And you can find many excavation spots spread throughout Azure Island and there are not that many enemies to fight – although many other players might be present since it’s a popular location.

The Best Farm Excavation Locations in Lost Ark

3. Best Tier 1 Farm Excavation Location: Arthetine

When you’re on Tier 1, there aren’t too many great options for excavating. However, Arid Path in Arthetine is a pretty good option that will help you find tons of Uncommon and Rare relics.

The area is usually not that populated, so it’s another good thing to have on your side as other players won’t interrupt your search – which is something that cannot be said about the recommended locations of later tiers.

We highly recommend working on upgrading your tiers though, since those would get you far better rewards.

That’s it for our guide on the Lost Ark’s best farm excavation locations ranking! We hope that you’re already on your way to excavating some valuable material in the game.

As we pointed out, you can still excavate in locations that aren’t listed in this guide, but they won’t give the same types of valuable rewards that you’ll easily find in these locations.

If you found this guide useful, make sure to check out some of our other helpful Lost Ark guides too!

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