Is Sea Of Thieves Cross-Platform? (PC, XBOX, Mobile)

sea of thieves cross platform

Sea of Thieves is one of the most beloved Xbox titles to come out in recent times; it has seen a massive increase in its player base ever since its initial release back in 2018. The game is a great experience for those interested in being a pirate and causing a ruckus!

The Pirate adventure game emphasizes its multiplayer functionality because the game becomes way better when you play with your friend.

But what if you and your buddy don’t share the same console or even identical gaming setups?

How will you play multiplayer in such a situation? Well, to make our lives way easier, the developers have incorporated the cross-play functionality in the Sea of thieves so that you can play with anyone who owns the game, regardless of the device they’re playing on!

Sea Of Thieves Cross-Play explained

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Cross-play lets the player connect and play the game with someone, not on the same console or console family or even the same gaming device. Cross-play enables players from every device to connect to the same game, and Sea of thieves makes it way too easy for us!

As of now, Sea of thieves allows the players to cross-play with players from Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and mobile. This is a massive blessing as not every game gets crossplay nowadays as it requires the company to negotiate with a rival.

Still, in the case of Sea of thieves, there was no such issue as the game is an Xbox exclusive.

How to play cross-platform?

Unlike the other titles that allow cross-play and have a tedious process for connecting to other devices, Sea of thieves has a straightforward approach. You just need to search up your friend’s name in the menu and add him to the lobby; it can’t get any easier than this.

Once you’ve invited them, they should be in your lobby, ready to conquer the vast oceans with you!

Sea Of Thieves Cross-Play

Is Sea Of Thieves cross-play between PlayStation consoles?

As Sea of Thieves is an Xbox exclusive. It isn’t available on the PlayStation. It is improbable that it will ever come to the Sony device. So if the game isn’t available on a said device, the crossplay question just doesn’t hold up.

Is Sea Of Thieves available on Mobile?

Sea of Thieves is available on the mobile platform, and you can play it right now by downloading it on your mobile. And the best part is that you can actually connect with PC and Xbox players, and the game supports crossplay.

Is Sea Of Thieves available on Nintendo Switch?

Sea of Thieves is a great game and would do good numbers on a console like a Switch. Still, unfortunately, it isn’t available on the Nintendo switch. There are no plans on bringing it on the portable console anytime in the future. Yes, it may sound like a huge missed opportunity. Still, the game is already available on mobile, so you can always go that way.

Why is Sea of Thieves not on Playstation?

Sea of Thieves is one of the many Xbox exclusive games out there. The term exclusive is essential because Microsoft doesn’t want to release this game on their competition consoles.

Though the game is available on PC, the PC gaming market is different from home consoles.

Apart from that, if the game was available on the PS5 or PS4, the game wouldn’t be cross-play as the companies most of the time don’t agree on making game cross-play because it hurts their sales. 

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