Dead By Daylight Nurse Gameplay Guide

Dead By Daylight Nurse Gameplay Guide

Dead by Daylight is an incredibly intense asymmetric survival horror game and the reason behind that is the amazing gameplay. Whether you play as the survivors or the killers, you are placed in a game of cat and mouse in which both sides have to outsmart the other to win – as things aren’t as simple as just shooting your enemy down and moving on.

The game has a long list of guest characters from popular horror movie franchises, whether it’s movies like SAW, A Nightmare on Elm Street, games like Silent Hill, or TV shows like Stranger Things – you can surely expect your favorite horror icons to show up sooner or later.

But the game has its own original cast of characters too and that includes the killers that have become very popular over the days. 

The Nurse is the first female killer that Dead by Daylight had and she continues to be a very useful character to use in the game. Whether you want to know how to play as her and do everything right – or want to know how to properly play against her to ensure your survival, you’re in the right place!

Dead By Daylight Nurse Gameplay Guide

Here’s a thorough gameplay guide on how to play as the one and only Nurse in Dead by Daylight.

Nurse Specialty Perks

The specialty perks are the most essential thing to look at first because they determine the unique characteristics of Dead by Daylight killers. While the killers generally have a few differences too, they are mainly separated by their specialty perks because they are all wildly different from each other. 

They provide an advantage to the killer and a couple of disadvantages to the human survivors because the survivors are always in a larger number in comparison.

You cannot use multiple specialty perks at the same time unless you level up your Bloodweb a lot, so it’s highly recommended that you individually try them out and see which one suits your playstyle the best.

1. Stridor

The first perk to look at here is Stridor, in which the breathing of survivors when they are in pain is louder by 50%. Not only that, but their regular breathing is 25% louder too. This can change a bit based on the tier of the perk, so make sure you’re taking care of those things.

2. Thanatophobia

All survivors that are injured, dying, or those who survived being hooked receive a penalty that ranges from 5% to 25% based on the tier of the perk. This penalty comes into effect in terms of a slowed-down speed for tasks such as repairing, sabotaging, and totem-cleansing. 

Dead By Daylight Nurse Gameplay Guide

3. A Nurse’s Calling

When you activate A Nurse’s Calling, the aura of the survivors who are healing or being healed by another person becomes visible to you as long as they are within a 28-meter range to you. This can change based on the tier of the perk, so make sure you have those things leveled up.

Dead By Daylight Nurse Weapons and Power

1. Bonesaw

The Bonesaw is the main weapon of the Nurse and like other killers, this will be what is used for general attacks most of the time. Since she’s a relatively slow character, she uses her whole body to put strength into the swing when hitting a survivor. 

The lunge range for this attack is short but the bone saw has a decent range in general compared to some of the other weapons that some killers have. The lunge has a cool-down, so try not to rely on it too much.

2. Spencer’s Last Breath

Spencer’s Last Breath essentially allows the player to teleport across the entire map, which is as much of a game-changer as it sounds. The longer you hold down the ability button, the larger the radius the Nurse will cover in the teleportation. 

Additionally, you can teleport multiple times in a row too which is referred to as a ‘Blink’, which makes this ability even better than it already was. The Nurse can attack immediately after exiting a Blink too, although this puts her in a cool-down period and you have to wait a few seconds for her fatigue to end.

Dead By Daylight Nurse Gameplay Guide

It slows her speed down and she cannot attack again until she’s out of that condition.

To further balance this ability, the Nurse has a weakness for flashlights. If a survivor flashes the light on her, she cannot charge her blink at that specific moment. And a survivor flashes it while she is blinking, it stuns her for a short time and causes her to be in a state of fatigue.

This can be strategized against the Nurse, so it’s important for both the killer and the survivors to use this to each other’s advantage.

Dead By Daylight Nurse Gameplay Strategy

1. Map and Perk Awareness

Since the Nurse is both a slow killer and someone who has the ability to teleport all across the map – it’s very important to know what the map layouts are.

If you know where to go and where the survivors are heading towards too, it’s going to be very advantageous for you to cut them off and outsmart them in any way that you can.

For example, A Nurse’s Calling will give you an immediate heads up on where the enemies are, and then you need to Blink to them. Knowing how the map works, these abilities will help you take the survivors down with ease.

Unlike some of the other killers who have simpler abilities, such as The Huntress’ hatchet – the Nurse has a very unique ability that can be both a blessing and a curse. Since the ability can be used multiple times in succession or chained into an immediate attack, you have to know when to strike and when to follow. 

Additionally, there are the aforementioned weaknesses too such as the potential fatigue and how the flashlight can stun or stop her. So, it’s very important to practice this ability so that it cannot be used against you. It’s certainly not something to rush and being calm will reward you immensely.

Dead By Daylight Nurse Gameplay Guide

3. Hinder Progress

As usual, hindering the progress of the survivors is one of your greatest strengths. Every time you are close to a generator, damage or break it immediately so that the survivors are stuck in a loop of trying to get away from you.

While the Nurse is quite slow and you might lose a survivor or two when hindering their progress – you can make up for it with intelligent use of Spencer’s Last Breathability.

4. Add-Ons and Playstyles

The game has plenty of add-ons that you can try out if you feel like you’re missing a much-needed boost. They add extra power to your characters, so it may or may not be what you were looking for – so, if you can afford them, don’t miss out on experimenting with them.

Another important thing to note is that there is no ‘perfect way to play the game as every person has a different playstyle.

While this guide is helpful to follow, you might find a strategy of your own more useful than something written here – so don’t be afraid to try things out your way as that might work out far better in your favor.

So, to recap – you need to strategize the use of your ability and make sure that you don’t let the survivors ever figure out what you’re up to. Experiment with the different perks, try out an add-on or two and don’t be shy from applying your own playstyle to the mix. 

That’s it for our gameplay guide of the Nurse from Dead by Daylight. We hope that you found it useful and are already trying out new things that you read here, and we’re here to answer any questions that you might have.

While you’re still around, don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful Dead by Daylight guides too!

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