NBA 2K22: Best Playmaking Badges (2024)

Best Playmaking Badges In NBA2K22

Playmaking is one of the essential roles in basketball as it doesn’t just involve passing the ball from one player to another, it has to do with making big decisions and giving teammates more chances to score for the team.

They’re basically the quarterbacks of basketball, they have to be good at observing defenders, assessing the situation, and stretching the floor. Their huge roles explain why legends like LeBron James, Stephen Curry Russell Westbrook are considered superstars. 

When playing 2K Sports’ NBA 2k22, a good chunk of your experience revolves around choosing what type of player you’ll have. If you’ve chosen to create a playmaking build, well, know some badges you should try out. Playmaking badges give special boosts to help players pass and dribble.

If you want to know which playmaking badges are best to use in NBA 2k22, we’ve tested all of the badges and ranked them based on how well they perform. 

Best Playmaking Badges In NBA2K22

Here are the playmaking badges that will guarantee an easy win for your team:

10. Bail Out

Although this badge is last in our rank, it’s important to have for passing even on the lowest odds. There’s a chance you’ll get trapped in a position where it’s difficult to pass or a time when your playmaker gets held down by multiple players.

Making a jump pass will be your last resort, this is where Bail Out comes into play. This badge heightens your chance of making passes mid-jump or during a layup, which is why it’s in our top ten.

9. Quick First Step

Speaking of dribbling, it’s one way to get rid of defenders. A playmaker’s main goal should always be to get rid of defenders as soon as possible.

If you want to strengthen your offense and clear out lanes, you’ll need to be as quick with your moves. The Quick First Step is perfect for separating yourself from followers. Ball handlers will be able to shoot the ball much faster with this badge!

8. Quick Chain

Quick Chain

Make easy points by pairing Quick Chain with other badges, specifically Hyperdrive and Handles for Days. This one is great for stamina and for making the best combo dribble moves!

7. Unpluckable

If there’s one thing the NBA games got better at, it’s defense. Now that they improved it a bunch, you’ll need something to combat that. The Unpluckable badge will reject even the greatest defenders.

One of the worst things that can happen during an intense match is losing the ball, which gives the enemy team higher ground. With the Unpluckable, defenders will find it hard to make steal attempts and push the ball away from you when you’re dribbling on the court, keeping them on edge. 

6. Needle Threader

It may be tricky to make a play when defenders block your way in the lane. The Needle Threader lets you pass successfully even in these kinds of situations and even gives a boost to the teammate who receives it. 

5. Floor General

Every playmaker needs to max out the Floor General badge. If you don’t have one person on the team with this badge, then you’ll be unlucky.

This badge is excellent as it gives everyone on the team an offensive boost and a higher chance of making those slam dunks, even if they normally don’t. Unlike other badges, the Floor General badge assists everyone on the team without needing requirements.

Floor General NBA2K22 playmaking badges

4. Ankle Breaker

If you want to see defenders fall to their knees, then the Ankle Breaker does the job for you. This is one of the most fun badges on this list as it clears out defenders differently than the others. Plus, you have the higher ground when opponents are on the ground and you can make an easy score in this situation.

3. Bullet Passer

Although dribbling is important, getting the ball to land in the right hands is your top priority as a playmaker. You risk losing that crucial moment when you’re attacking if you try to pass the ball to the other side of the court too slowly.

The Bullet Passer remedies that by making your passes faster. This sets your teammates up for open shots, increasing your chances of scoring and making it more difficult for the enemy team to steal the ball. 

2. Handles for Days

Even if you can do crazy dribbling moves, it doesn’t mean anything if a playmaker loses their energy in a matter of seconds while performing them. One of the OG playmaker badges, Handles for Days, takes the runner-up position in our best playmaking badges list because it focuses on a player’s endurance.

The stamina of a playmaker will determine how consistently they perform. With this badge, players use up less stamina when dribbling, giving them the ability to chain up more moves together to evade defenders. 

1. Dimer

dimer nba2k22

This badge is a must-have when it comes to playmaking, which is why it’s our number one on this list. The Dimer badge lets open teammates succeed on a jump shot after receiving a pass.

Playmaking doesn’t only involve making the best moves and getting rid of defenders but giving their teammates advantages. We highly recommend this badge as it improves your teammates shot percentage. 


That’s our top ten best playmaking badges in NBA 2k22. Keep in mind that we’ve curated this list based on our experience and others may think one badge deserves to be higher on this list.

Anyone is free to try out badges that aren’t on this list, the point of this guide is to help you decide which ones to use if you’re having difficulty. If you want to learn how to be a better player in NBA 2k22, we have more useful guides that you can check out down below!

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