Archero Best Armor: Best Shields to Use in Archero

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Archero is one of the best dungeon crawlers on mobile platforms that we have seen in a long time and a big part of why it managed to gain such success is credited to its simplicity.

That does not mean that it does not have depth in its gameplay though, and like with any other dungeon crawler game, having the right equipment is the number one factor to being one step ahead of whatever threats you may face in your adventures.

Staying alive is your first priority and having the best armor is going to be one of the largest contributors to that, so that’s why it’s important to have the best weapons and armour Archero has to offer so you can focus less on not getting hit and more on killing the endless waves of your enemies.

We’ve created a thorough and easy-to-follow guide on what are the best armours you can use in Archero to shield yourself from enemy attacks, so let’s get started!

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The Best Armour in Archero

1. Vest of Dexterity

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The Vest of Dexterity is going to be number one on the list whenever you look up ‘archero best armour’ and that’s because it’s genuinely the best shield Archero has to offer your character against the onslaught of its dungeon crawling enemies. 

It adds +7% dodge to your character and that’s something that is never not helpful for you no matter what part of the game you’re at.

You’ll have great chances of dodging attacks instead of getting hit and that’s not all – it also adds +20% healing from red hearts which is a great contribution to your staying alive.

It’s a unique type of armor that is good in both defense and offense playstyles, if you are defensive, you’d be able to dodge more and revive health with a 20% boost – yet if you’re offensive, occasional dodges and more health will still help you out in the same way.

It also deals lightning splash damage to all enemies that are close to you, but it is not usually considered much of a pro on its side because it has a cooldown and sometimes the cloak will cancel the lightning ability of your arrows to attack them with the lightning first.

It’s not much of a setback though, and most certainly does not change the fact that Vest of Dexterity is the best armor Archero has.

2. Phantom Cloak

If you hate getting hit by projectiles, then the Phantom Cloak is your new best friend.

It adds +10% projectile resistance to your stats which allows you to deflect them in some of the times that they manage to come in contact with you, and also adds a +20% boost in the healing factor of red hearts usage which makes it another very good defensive armour to use. 

It also freezes enemies that hit you and if it’s upgraded to the Epic tier, it even deals thorn damage to them after the freezing which is very helpful against large groups of enemies. The freezing effect lasts quite a while too, so you won’t have to worry about the enemies getting back to their senses.

The only flaw it has besides the fact the freezing only works if you’re hit (unlike the Vest of Dexterity which provides lightning splash damage randomly), is that the thorn damage is a bit bugged sometimes so it may not act as intended.

3. Golden Chestplate

The Golden Chestplate may not be number one, but it is still a part of the Archero best armour category. It has a total of +5% damage resistance and +20% healing from red hearts.

Bright Robe has a much higher damage resistance, but it only awards you Battle XP points on the other hand, not red heart points like the Golden Chestplate does. 

It also does damage to nearby enemies, and the damage is inflicted slowly over time like the Vest of Dexterity instead of other armours where it is inflicted quickly at once.

Unfortunately, the flaming damage is not very effective so out of the other shields in this list, this may be the least effective one. But if you managed to find it in loot, then make sure to use it until you find another one and it won’t let you down either way.

4. Bright Robe

People often confuse the Void Robe as the third/fourth most powerful Robe because of how it sounds in its qualities, such as poisoning all the enemies around you and the reduction of collision damage when you’re wearing it.

But the poison effect is not very good and the collision damage reduction does not help at all because of how much you get in general if you run into an enemy.

The better alternative here is the Bright Robe, which adds +12% damage resistance to your stats, which includes BOTH projectiles and melee, so it’s a very useful piece of armor for those players that like to play more offensively.

It will also contribute to your Battle XP due to less damage taken, which will come in handy if you’re not very high level in the game. 

It also deals flame damage to nearby enemies once you’ve reached the Epic upgrade, which is a great offensive measure for aggressive playstyles, and it actually happens very quickly too.

The only cons this armour has is that it only hits nearby enemies, not anyone farther compared to the area of damage from some of the other armours in the game, and the fact it is not very helpful for defensive playstyles due to the red hearts not giving additional health.

But it’s still very effective and the best shield Archero has for tank players.

These are currently the best armours Archero has, we hope you found the one that will suit you best. If you have any questions or opinions, let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out some of the other helpful gaming guides on our website!

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