What Does SMP Stand For In Minecraft?


The simple answer to this question is, SMP stands for Survival MultiPlayer. Simply put an SMP is a Minecraft server where a bunch of people play in the same world and beat the game. But SMPs have become so much more than that.

All of a sudden there’s a lot of buzz around the term SMP, and for a good reason. Pewdipie plays Minecraft and his series caught many eyes, even people who never played Minecraft. After that, it was only a matter of time that other YouTubers capitalize on this trend.

The Hermitcraft server, one of the oldest ones on YouTube, which already was big, started to become more relevant than ever.

This small spark caught fire when Dream began his own SMP series, this series blew up, it has more than 50 million+ views on youtube. This just goes to show how fun Minecraft can be if played with friends or more people.

Why play in an SMP?

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The Minecraft game though being one of the best the gaming world has ever seen gets lonely at times. The world of Minecraft is a desolate land where the only human-like interaction you’ll have is with the villagers, which to be frank isn’t the best.

Many players feel a sense of loneliness playing alone, hence many people get bored too often and switch to some RPG or FPS games. But there’s an easy fix, playing on a multiplayer server changes the experience even though you’re playing the same game.

Playing with your friends is the best, it opens up endless possibilities, just watch the Hermitcraft server and you’ll understand what I’m trying to convey here. You and your friends can play minigames, fight off raids and kill the dragon together.

Single Player survival pales in comparison to an SMP, there’s just so much more you can do here.

How to get started?

It’s pretty easy actually to start an SMP. If your friends are on board then it’s only a matter of time before you start playing. Just choose a server or locally set up one and you’re good to go. Playing with any number of players will be better than playing alone.

If you don’t have anyone that would like to play on an SMP, fear not, the internet has a plethora of people like you, just waiting for someone to approach them. The most simple way is to put a post on the Minecraft subreddit, many players will be interested in playing with you.

The Minecraft community as a whole is pretty supportive, so you’ll find someone that will play on an SMP server with you.

What to do on an SMP server?

Once you have managed to get people on board, the possibilities are endless, let your imagination run berserk, you can do anything you want. I’ll try to give some ideas that might be fun for you and your gang.

The easiest one being beating the game. The vanilla Minecraft experience has seen some major overhauls in the past few years, there is a lot to explore, so if some of your friends are beginners, playing the vanilla game might be the best idea. The game will start with you finding some resources and will end with defeating the ender dragon.

If vanilla Minecraft sounds boring to you, then that’s ok, we have beaten the game many times. So in such a situation you can conjure your own story, make two groups, make them fight with each other. Or start building empires and go to war against each other.

SMPs open up doors to the most fun experiences you’ll ever have playing games. Make sure to try it at least once.

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