Genshin Impact: How to Remove the Juvenile Antics

Genshin Impact: How to Remove the Juvenile Antics

Genshin Impact continues to be one of the most widely played games of the modern age of gaming. While its diverse gameplay and massive open-world exploration are one of the most obvious reasons for that, the game’s quests and storytelling are the icings on the cake.

The quests can often be challenging due to raw difficulty, explorative objectives, and puzzles. 

In 2021, they brought in a bunch of new quests in the Tatarasuna region, which were made accessible after breaking the Mikage Furnace barrier in the Tatara Tales world quest. Shrine Maiden Miyuki, located on the South of the Kujou Encampment waypoint, can lead the player to one of these quests. 

As soon as the player interacts with Miyuki, they’ll get the quest to replant the damaged Thunder Sakura trees in areas that have been facing the consequences of long-term violence.

Genshin Impact – Thunder Sakura Tree Quest Guide

The quest begins by tasking the player to investigate the Treasure Hoarders around the site, commonly sighted around the Thunder Sakura trees. The small group of Treasure Hoarders must be encountered and defeated to proceed further. 

After the fight, please speak to one of the Treasure Hoarders to know more about what lies ahead in the quest, and then return to Miyuki to inform her of the situation.

The player will now be tasked with finding the locations of five Thunder Sakura trees and then removing the juvenile antics from them. 

Thunder Sakura Tree Locations in Genshin Impact

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Thunder Sakura Tree Locations in Genshin Impact

  • The first Thunder Sakura tree is located right around the West where you encounter Miyuki.
  • The second Thunder Sakura tree can be found around the North of the waypoint of the Kujou encampment.
  • The third Thunder Sakura tree can be found directly around the Tatarasuna Statue of the Seven’s North.
  • And fourth Thunder Sakura tree can be found right above the waypoint located near Xavier’s location. 
  • And finally, the last Thunder Sakura tree may require more effort because it is located at the entire Tatarasuna region’s southernmost point. 

How to Remove the Juvenile Antics from Thunder Sakura trees

All unknown and foreign objects are required to be removed from every Thunder Sakura tree. The Traveller can use the Traveller’s elemental sight ability while standing close to the Thunder Sakura trees.

The elemental sight allows the player to see a blue energy pool around each tree. The goal is to stand in the range of the blue energy pool and trigger the tree to shoot lightning at the blue energy pool itself.

But it is not as simple as that, because the lightning could also hit the player, so the player must also dodge the lightning to prevent serious damage. It is required to shoot down three blue energy pools per each Thunder Sakura tree. 

As soon as you strike down all the blue energy pools for every tree, you will have to remove the foreign object from a Thunder Sakura tree. 

The player must then return to Miyuki and proceed towards the final act, which requires the player to fight a series of Treasure Hoarders and an Electro Hypostasis. After defeating The Electro Hypostatis, the player attains 60 Primogems and four Hero’s Wit as a reward. 

How to Defeat the Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

How to Defeat the Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

To better understand the Electro Hypostasis battle pattern, we should look at all of its attacks and their properties. Here are the main attack types of Electro Hypostasis:

  • Clap: It creates a wall with its shell and then clap the two halves of it together. To avoid this attack, the player must dodge quickly toward either side. 
  • Missiles: It creates a diamond shape with its shell, then launches pieces against you. You can dodge them without much difficulty by dodging in any direction or simply moving away without being too late. 
  • Drill: It floats around the arena after turning into a drill. Countering this move requires you to dash towards either side. 
  • Rotating Lasers: It fires four lasers from a ring created by its shell that rotate around the arena. To avoid these, either keep running in a circle to always be ahead or move towards the boss and attack its core when exposed. 
  • Tremors: The boss takes center stage and then produces continuous shockwaves in the arena. To dodge this, carefully move between the shockwaves.
  • Rock, Scissors, Paper:  It charges toward you, and it hits you with a series of three different attacks, which include scissors, a fist, and a flat hand. Dodging these may require you to be quick, but it can be easily done by sprinting behind the boss right before the execution of each attack.
  • Cage: It creates a cage made of electric energy around you, making you unable to escape the lightning strikes it would later charge toward you. You can never escape the cage before being hit, so the only way to dodge this move is to run away as soon as you see the emergence of the first pillar.
  • Revival: It forms electro prisms that it attempts to absorb to restore its health as soon as its HP reaches the range of 5-10%. The player must destroy the prisms before the boss manages to consume them. Characters like Diluc, Changyun, and Catalyst users would be the best option for eliminating these via infusing their weapons because the prisms only take Elemental damage.

Basic Tips and Strategy Against the Electro Hypostasis

  • Do not use Electro characters like Fischl or Keqing because the Electro Hypostasis embodies Electro. 
  • Rely on characters like Diluc, Klee, Ganyu or Chongyun because they can cause higher damage. These characters can take advantage of either the Overloaded or Superconduct reactions.
  • Characters that deal more Elemental damage should also be prioritized. 
  • Attack the Electro Hypostasis only when its core is exposed. Watch out for when the boss makes a variety of Electro attacks because after those is when the boss’ core reveals. 
  • Repeat the process of fighting from a close range, avoiding its attack, and taking charge as soon as it exposes its core. 

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