Stardew Valley Golden Walnut Location (Uses)

Stardew Valley Golden Walnut Location

When Ginger Island was added to Stardew Valley’s 1.5 updates, players were delighted with the new area which is full of undiscovered things to do.

To unlock various things that the island has to offer, one must have Golden Walnuts. You can refer to Golden Walnuts as the currency acceptable on the island by resident parrots. 

Once you pay a resident parrot with Golden walnuts, the parrot will open up new places and new services as well. You can get your hands on 130 of these Golden nuts.

Make sure you unlock Qi’s walnut room first, to track your perfection rating and to gain special rewards by completing a series of difficult quests. 

Silo In Stardew Valley

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The Parrot’s Golden Walnut Hints

The first step to starting your quest to find Golden Walnuts is to visit Leo’s hut on the eastern side of Ginger Island. When you first arrive on the island, you will see a young boy, Leo, running away. You need to follow him and he will lead you to a Golden Walnut clearly visible on a tree in the jungle. 

You must give this Golden Walnut to the parrot residing inside Leo’s hut. Then, he will give you hints on finding the other Golden Walnut. The parrot will give you vague hints on how to find the Golden Walnut every day.

Hints for a total of 123 Golden Walnuts out of 130 will be given by the Parrot. 

We will be giving hints on the remaining Golden Walnuts that you can trade for various services and new quests to play in Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island. Keep on reading for hints on finding Golden Walnuts. 

  • In the bush in the eastern region, inside the Gem Bird shrine puzzle, you will find one Golden Walnut. 
  • You can trade a banana for three Golden Walnuts at an altar that you can find outside Leo’s hut. 
  • You can get three Golden Walnuts by winning a Darts game in the Pirate’s Cove. 

You can even find five Golden Walnuts while fishing anywhere on Ginger Island. Although only one Golden Walnut can be found at a time while fishing. You can also get a Golden walnut when you make Clint crack open Golden coconut, for the very first time. 

Golden Walnuts in West Ginger Island

A total of 52 Golden Walnuts can be found on the Western side of Ginger Island.

You can win five Golden Walnuts as a reward when you complete Pirate Wife’s quest. A whopping 15 Golden Walnuts are up for grabs when the Gourmand Frog asks you to harvest melon, wheat, and garlic in the same order. 

Golden Walnuts in North Ginger Island

A total of 28 Golden walnuts can be found on the northern side of Ginger Island. You will get six Golden Walnuts, if you complete the Large Animal fossil at the island field office. 

The famous Volcano Dungeon is on the northern side of Ginger island and is home to 21 Golden Walnuts. A whopping 17 walnuts can be earned just by opening chests, mining, or defeating monsters.

You will get one Golden walnut at a time, but this can be repeatedly done until you receive all 17 of them. 

Golden Walnut Locations in South Ginger Island

A handful of 12 Golden Walnuts can be found in the southern region of Ginger island. You need to build the resort first in order to access the main beach. Once the beach is available you can earn Golden walnuts by completing a series of tasks. 

A mermaid will appear on a rock on rainy days in the ocean. When you solve the puzzle with her, you will win five Golden walnuts. 

We wish you good luck in finding the Golden walnuts in Stardew Valley. We suggest you keep the track of the Golden walnuts found for your own convenience.

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