Dead by Daylight Flashlight: How to Blind Killers

flashlight in dead by daylight

The flashlight may not look like a weapon. Still, it can blind the killer for a while. This short time for which the killer gets stunned is crucial as it only takes a small amount of time for your teammate to slip from the clutches of the killer and get saved.

Dead by Daylight is a horror game that lets you use flashlights as a way to save your teammate from the otherworldly creatures who want to take away your friend to the entity. Though the flashlight may look like a tool that is really simple to use, it isn’t.

Many players lose their lives trying to stun the killer with a flashlight, but they just can’t because their technique and their flashlight aren’t used correctly.

When the killer grabs hold of your teammate, you don’t have a lot of time to experiment, so why not just follow this guide, and you’ll be able to stun the killer 100% of the time.

The guide is universal, which means the technique shown in this guide will be helpful on a platform where Dead By Daylight is available. That being said, we hope you find this practical guide and save your friends from getting taken away for the entity!

Flashlights In Deady By Daylight

There are three different flashlights in the game as of now. The first one being the uncommon flashlight which gives use 8 seconds of use time. 

There is the sports flashlight which also gives you an 8-second use life; it also slightly decreases the battery consumption and also increases the accuracy of the flashlight.

And there is the utility flashlight that gives 12 seconds of use but slightly reduces the accuracy, moderately increases the beam’s visual brightness, and moderately increases the blindness duration. Which can be really useful for blinding the killer.


Most of the flashlight add-ons don’t increase the utility of any flashlight in a significant way, so most of them are just trash. But there are some which can increase the brightness and also the battery.

The long-life battery is the one you should take, as it will add 6 seconds of use time to your flashlight. The heavy-duty battery will add 4 seconds to the flashlight’s use time. The low amp filaments will moderately decrease the battery consumption again, giving you more use time.

There is also the standard battery that’ll’ add an extra 2 seconds to the use time.

You can also go for the Intense halogen that’ll increase the beam’s brightness. The sports flashlight will blind the killer for a longer duration, making him immobile for a more extended period.

dead by daylight flashlight guide

Aiming The Flashlight

Just spamming the flashlight without aiming is like inviting the killer to the feast where you will be served. Flashlights are one of the hardest to master tools in the game, it requires a lot of skill and practice, but once you get the hang of it, it will come as second nature to you and you’ll stun any killer.

Remember to center the flashlight in the middle of the killer’s face.

This way, you’ll expose him to maximum brightness, blinding him for a longer duration. Now, remember, when you aim at his face, make sure to lock into that position and don’t move at all.

Though the flashlight will seem to wave around a little bit, it only is a visual effect and doesn’t affect your aim or shot at all. If you practice long enough, you’ll get the hang of using the flashlight the correct way.

Timing Is Key

Timing is a crucial aspect of stunning a killer. If you don’t time the flash, you might lose a teammate to the entity. So making sure to time the shot right is also needed.

dead by daylight flashlight

The killer picking up your teammate takes approximately 3 seconds; you have to flash at his face at the 2-second mark, or else you’ll lose your teammate. This is really easy; as soon as the pickup animation starts, count till two, and then bam, aim at the killer face.

Another way to determine when to flash is by looking at the killer’s body language, which is more or less consistent across every killer type. The best moment to flash is when the killer is thrusting the teammate upon his shoulder.

So when the killer is just about to place your friend on his shoulder, flash in his wretched face and ave your teammate form the entity.

The other thing to worry about is the different spots where the killer can get your teammate; you’ll have to improvise in such situations as the technique is the same everywhere.

Also, if you use crackers, just like timing the flashlight, you have to time the crackers at the 2-second mark, and that’s it.

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