The Best Minecraft Helmet Enchantments (2023)

Best Minecraft Helmet Enchantments

What I really love about Minecraft is that it always challenges you to push yourself. There is always this constant need to be better than the players often feel.

And much like in real life, you can choose to be better at certain things in Minecraft. What farms you should build, or which resources will help you in long run are some of the questions that you need to answer for yourself.

And although some of the things in Minecraft are universally considered to be the gold standard, you can always add your own creative flair to whatever you’re doing.

And one of such universally accepted things is Enchantments. If you’re new to Minecraft then you must know; Enchantments are truly a game-changer. Enchantments basically increase your gear’s abilities. It’s not necessary to have them per se, but always better if you do.

It makes certain aspects of the game less frustrating and less time-consuming.

In this article, I’ll discuss enchantments that can be performed on Helmets. The Helmet is a very significant layer of protection for the player not just from mobs but also the various natural threats that the game has a habit of throwing at you.

Best Enchantments for Helmets in Minecraft 

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1. Fire Protection

As the name suggests, this enchantment offers you protection from natural elements such as fire and lava. This enchantment is very handy to have and I would definitely insist that you have it, as you might be aware, Lava especially can be found in unexpected places while mining. 

There are 4 levels in this enchantment. Each level provides more protection as you progress the enchantment. The percentage of protection is as follows:

  1. Fire Protection 1: 8%
  2. Fire Protection 2: 16%
  3. Fire Protection 3: 24%
  4. Final Level: 32%

2. Unbreaking

As far as Durability is concerned, this Enchantment has no match. It’s very simple folks if you don’t want your weapons to break easily and frequently (which they usually do) just use this. 

There are 3 levels in this enchantment. 

Best Minecraft Helmet Enchantments

3. Respiration

This is one of those enchantments that can only be used on Helmets and Caps. It drastically increases your capacity to breathe underwater which is a good ability to have. This will also help your vision underwater. 

There are 3 levels in this enchantment.

4. Blast Protection

Admit it, we’ve all had a creeper sneaking up on us and at times even resulting in our death. It is very annoying and I hope it never happens to you. And if you don’t want it happening to you, you should use this enchantment. 

You’ll get protection from not just annoying creepers, but also ghasts, the creepy wither boss, TNT, etc.

5. Aqua Affinity

Not to be confused with the Respiration enchantment, although they both seem similar, and having them both at the same time would be very helpful if you intend to spend a lot of time underwater.  

Aqua Affinity improves your mining speed underwater. 

7. Mending

Mending is one of the durability enchantments. It enables you to use experience orbs to fix (or increase the durability) of your equipment. 

Definitely not as good as the Unbreaking Enchantment in my opinion. 

Where to Get Mending Books

8. Protection

I saved the best of last. This enchantment can be considered the ultimate protection enchantment. It offers you protection from almost every type of damage that the game can throw at you. 

It is arguably the best enchantment you can have. There are 4 levels in this enchantment. 

It is recommended that you possess the highest level of Enchantment of for the maximum benefit 

Also, This list is by no means the best to worst. Enchantments usually depend on the personal preference of the player. And every enchantment has its the ability that a player might like and 

These enchantments are the ones that I personally prefer.  

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