Bloodborne Soft Caps & Max Level Cap Stats

Bloodborne Soft Caps & Max Level Cap Stats

Every Souls game is great in its own right, but only a few of them manage to gain the amount of respect that Bloodborne has. Though all the important RPG aspects of the Souls series and the core gameplay are intact, Bloodborne gave us a twist on the formula by taking us into the streets of a Victorian environment with horrors lurking in every corner.

As with other games in the series, your character can utilize many different stats by leveling them up and gaining the advantages that come with them.

To balance things out, there are several Soft Caps and a Max Level Cap that reduce the number of bonuses that you would receive for upgrading different stats.

So, what are Bloodborne’s soft caps and max level cap stats? Here is all the information that will help you make the best out of your experience!

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What is a Soft Level Cap in Bloodborne?

If you’re not completely aware of what soft caps in the RPG genre are, let’s quickly explain it.

When you level up a stat in Bloodborne, you gain advantages such as extra HP to name just one. To balance things out, soft cap limits are placed within the game’s leveling system so that after reaching certain numbers, your advantages become lesser.

For example, if you gain 20 HP until you reach level 30, you will only gain 10 going forward.

What is a Max Level Cap in Bloodborne?

Just like soft level caps, the purpose of max level caps is to put a stop as a limit for what bonuses you get for reaching a certain number.

For example, if your HP gain has reduced to 10 after hitting a soft cap, it will become 5 or 0 after you have reached the max level cap for the stat.

Every Soft and Max Level Cap in Bloodborne

These are the soft and max level caps in Bloodborne for every attribute, stat, and skill. Using this information, you can properly utilize the true potential of your builds.


  • First and only Soft Cap: 40
  • Max Level Cap: 99 (1 stamina every 6 levels up to 170 stamina until the hard cap is reached).


  • First Soft Cap: 30
  • Second Soft Cap: 50
  • Max Level Cap: 99.


  • First Soft Cap: 25
  • Second Soft Cap: 50
  • Max Level Cap: 99.


  • First Soft Cap: 25
  • Second Soft Cap: 50
  • Max Level Cap: 99.


  • First Soft Cap: 25
  • Second Soft Cap: 50
  • Max Level Cap: 90.

An interesting thing to note about Arcane scaling in Bloodborne is that investing in the stat does not increase the physical damage of compatible weapons. Instead, this value is a projection of how high the elemental damage would be if infused with elemental Blood Gems.

And it’s also worth knowing that Discovery becomes maxed out at 209 at 50 Arcane, and the rest is just an increase to Blood Gems.


  • First Soft Cap: 25
  • Second Soft Cap: 50
  • Max Level Cap: 99.

 As you can see, Bloodborne’s hard cap is set at 99 for all stats, whereas soft caps are different. Unlike other Souls games, increasing your level past the first and second soft caps is not very useful because of how small the reward becomes later on, especially with Endurance.

So, keep an eye on how much you upgrade each stat and how much it increases after a certain point.

We hope that you found this guide useful. And while you’re still here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful guides too!

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