How to Unlock Frost In MK11

How to Unlock Frost In MK11.
How to Unlock Frost In MK11. Image: GamesBustop

While Netherealm, the creators of the wildly popular Mortal Kombat game introduced a couple of new characters like the Terminator, Spawn, Robocop to MK11, a couple of familiar characters that were dead and or not present in the previous installation of the game, Mortal Kombat X, XL.

Some of these characters are fan favorites, like Jade, Kabal, Sindel (In kombat pack one), Nightwolf as well. Lets not forget Shang Tsung and of course, the character we’re here for, Frost.

Frost was once a faithful apprentice of the Grandmaster, Sub-zero until she bought into the cyber-initiative and began turning the Lin-keus to robotics, half machine, half human.

Sektor, Cyrax being the first characters to share this fate. She made her return in MK11 with a ton of cool special moves, amazing skins, and of course, very high damaging combos, everyone wants to play her and in this guide, we’ll share the simple way to Unlock Frost in MK11 and this involves grinding.

How to Get Frost In MK 11

How to Unlock Frost In MK11.
How to Unlock Frost In MK11. Image: GamesBustop

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So with the way frost character is setup, she’s present, among the original cast of the game but not available right away, unlike other playable players or those that were released in kombat packs.

To unlock frost in MK11, you’d have to play the story mode and when you finish chapter 5, frost will be automatically unlocked, available to be selected and played on the Player select screen, or the roster, if you prefer.

Can I Buy Frost In MK11?

A lot of mortal Kombat 11 players that are later released and part of kombat packs can be bought either as a pack or single player but unlike the others, you don’t need to spend money to acquire frost as a player, she isn’t purchasable and only available when you play the story mode.

Unlike other games, unlocking Players on MK11 is relatively easy, if they’re not available for sale then it’s made available to you just by playing a few chapters of the story mode and you get the character. In fact, in the game, this only applies to Frost.

The others you’d have to buy, but they’re not necessary, the base MK11 has a lot of amazing characters you can’t even get enough of, that said, it doesn’t hurt to get a couple extra new characters like Rain, Mileena, Rambo and the rest. They can be a lot of fun.

That’s it for this one, in our next guide, we’ll be showing you how to Unlock Shao Kahn in MK11.

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