Dark Souls 3 Prisoner’s Chain Guide (2023)

Dark Souls 3 Prisoner's Chain Guide

Rings aren’t just accessories in Dark Souls 3. When worn, these special items grant players passive boosts such as enhanced sorcery and increased stats.

Currently, there are 107 rings (and their variants) that are scattered in the game. Collecting all of them gives you the Master of Rings achievement and doing that isn’t an easy feat – it requires you to play the game three times.

Many of the rings’ designs are gorgeous and look like something we’d wear in real life, however, there is one ring that stands different from the rest.

This ring is called the Prisoner’s Chain, which is literally a prisoner’s chain. It’s a hit-or-miss for many players in the game due to the better-looking options out there.

However, this ring deserves a second chance as it is versatile and great for those who are focused on min-maxing armor.

If you’re interested in this ring, from its history, how you can get it, to what builds are good for it, this guide tells you everything you need to know about the Prisoner’s Chain in Dark Souls 3!

DS3 Prisoner’s Chain Stats and Characteristics

DS3 Prisoner’s Chain Stats and Characteristics

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The Prisoner’s Chain is a piece of a rusty chain that once locked up Gundyr, the champion that guards the path to Firelink Shrine.

This ring tells a tragic story of a champion sent by the royal family with a task to link the Fire, but was too late and arrived as both the First Flame and Fire Keeper died. It’s unclear why he was chained up or who did it, but all we know is that it symbolizes Gundyr’s endless service to his beliefs and the incredible fate that was restrained from him.

The chain, fashioned as a ring, gives the bearer increased vitality, endurance, and vigor. It increases the damage you take by 4%. However, the 5 points in vitality pretty much cancel out the disadvantages.


Overall, this ring gives you added 15 levels and gives the bearer more benefits than drawbacks.

When naked-4
When wearing complete Havel’s-2.588

Dark Souls 3 Prisoner’s Chain Location 

Dark Souls 3 Prisoner’s Chain Location 

To obtain the Prisoner’s Chain, you’ll need Champion Gundyr’s soul. You can find this boss at the Untended Graves, a secret area that can only be accessed after you defeat Oceiros, the Consumed King.

If you haven’t gotten past this part yet, we’ll teach you how to find him. Before you follow this guide, make sure you’ve killed the Dancer of the Boreal Valley in the High Wall of Lothric to gain access to the Consumed King’s Garden. 

Once you have defeated this boss, you can move on to this step-by-step guide:

  • After defeating the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, take the ladder that leads to the Lothric Castle.
  • Take the stairs to the left just before the entrance of the castle. Turn right and go down the flights of stairs until you reach an opening, run straight through a bridge that leads to an elevator. 
  • Use the elevator to go down and you’ll enter the Consumed King’s Garden. To find the boss wall for Oceiros, go to the stairs on your right and keep going straight from there.
  • Time to defeat Oceiros, the Consumed King! 
  • Once Oceiros is dead, head to the next room where you’ll find a secret wall at the end that you can strike, revealing a path to the Untended Graves.
  • Light the bonfire and you’re ready to face Champion Gundyr.
  • After defeating Gundyr, proceed to the Firelink Shrine to transpose his soul with Ludleth of Courtland, who is sitting on the throne. 
  • Use the soul to obtain the Prisoner’s Chain and voilà! You have the ring!

Best DS3 Prisoner’s Chain Build

So now you have the Prisoner’s Chain but don’t know if it’s compatible with your build. Don’t worry, it’s compatible with pretty much any build.

Depending on your Soul Level, the Prisoner’s Chain can be a top-tier ring or a decent one. This may not apply to light-armored casters who heavily rely on rings to increase their casting speed and power, or players who don’t care much about restrictions on Soul Level. 

The increased vitality of this ring lets you wear heavier armor, which generally offsets the damage you take wearing it. We suggest using this ring if your build level isn’t incredibly overpowered. In this case, you would go for the Havel’s Ring.

These are the builds that go well with the Prisoner’s Chain:


That’s everything you need to know about the Prisoner’s Chain in Dark Souls 3! If you’ve reached the end of this article, we’re glad we have piqued your interest in this strange ring.

The Prisoner’s Chain is truly an underrated ring and deserves some love. If you also managed to get this ring thanks to our guide, we hope the journey was worth it. If not, well, there are a hundred more rings you can try out in Dark Souls 3.

The beauty of Souls games is that you have plenty of options and the choice is all up to you, you don’t have to fight every boss you encounter and you certainly don’t have to equip each item you discover.

This means that every player gets a completely different experience in this game. 

If you want to learn how to create the best experience and find more interesting rings in Dark Souls 3, check out the rest of our guides here!

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