Dark Souls 3: Best Sellsword Twinblades Builds (2024)

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Dark Souls 3 is, hands down, one of the best role-playing video games that have earned the approval of millions of hardcore players ever since it came out.

Despite being out for many years in 2024, it’s one of the most played games in the genre and has a community that finds new things in the game even today.

When a franchise is this flexible and full of variety, it’s no surprise that one of its most prominent features is the ability to create a character that utilizes different classes and items. This system is called ‘build’ and it follows a set of different attributes that you can start the game with, and then you acquire everything else that is necessary by playing the game.

Not all builds are created equal, and some of them are greatly influenced by the weapons that you use in them.

A particularly great set of weapons in Dark Souls 3 are the Sellsword Twinblades and they are compatible with many builds in the game, which coined the nickname ‘Sellsword Winblades’ for the weapon due to how much it improves everything.

Sellsword Twinblades Best Builds In Dark Souls 3

Figuring out the right combinations for the best builds that suit your playstyle takes a long time, so we’ve created a list of the best Dark Souls 3 Sellsword Twinblades builds that you can try out – so that you can focus on directly enjoying the game instead of having to rely on experimentation.

1. Sellsword Twinblades with Dexterity

sellsword twinblades Best Dark Souls 3 Dexterity Weapons

The Sellsword Twinblades are compatible with a bunch of different builds, but Dexterity is arguably one of the best options due to the fact that it’s the easiest option to go with. Whether it’s the early game or for later on, you’ll be set in the right direction and become stronger alongside the enemies.

Once you hit 60 Dexterity, your damage output will be higher than you’d expect it to be but without needing to sacrifice speed since the Sellsword Twinblades are fairly lightweight in comparison.

We do recommend infusing the sword with a Sharp Gem because the build won’t be at its true potential otherwise – but if you don’t want to do that and are satisfied with the base stats, that’s fine too.

  • Recommended Class: Mercenary
  • Core Stats: Dexterity (60)
Recommended RingsMandatory Gear
Prisoner’s ChainLeft Hand, Right Hand: Sellsword Twinblades
Sun PrincessChest, Head, Hands: Winged Knight Set
ChloranthyLegs: Black Iron Leggings
Ring of Favor
Hunter’s Ring

2. Sellsword Twinblades with Pyromancy

Sellsword Twinblades with Pyromancy

The majority of the Sellsword Twinblades builds that you’ll see on the internet use a Dexterity build, but there are other things that you can do with that weapon too.

Pyromancy is a build that you would not expect to be paired well with Sellsword Twinblades, but it works out pretty well if you use the right things.

You’ll need to focus on a bunch of different things because this is a slightly less flexible build compared to some of the others if you want to make sure that the Twinblades are useful with Pyromancy.

Because otherwise, you might end up nullifying the effectiveness of either of the two. Just keep in mind that this build needs level 70 for your character to start off with.

  • Recommended Class: Pyromancer
  • Spells: Sacred Flame, Carthus Beacon.
Core StatsRecommended RingsMandatory Gear
Strength (10)Sage’s RingLeft Hand: Sellsword Twinblades + Chaos Infusion
Dexterity (16)Pontiff Eye Right EyeRight Hand: Scimitar (for parrying)
Intelligence (20)Fire Clutch RingHands: Pyromancy Flame
Faith (20)All Armor: Up to preference, won’t interfere with the build.
Vigor (27)
Endurance (25)
Attunement (24)

Additional Note: The core stats are incredibly low in number because the Soul Level that is recommended for this build is 70, and that automatically makes everything else better when you’re using Pyromancy with Sellsword Twinblades.

However, you can level them up as you like and it won’t change anything for the worse.

3. Sellsword Twinblades with Lightning Build (Faith)

After Dexterity and Pyromancy, there’s not too much that you can do with the Sellsword Twinblades because other builds require the player to be more specific with what they’re doing.

Best Dark Souls 3 PvE Builds

Especially if it’s something like Hexes or Archery, which is always better off with a specific sword.

However, you can do a hybrid build that includes Dexterity and Faith both to use spells like the Lightning Blade Miracle, so that your attacks are infused with elemental damage.

Then, you can cast off spells and also manually fight with the Sellsword Twinblades for great damage input and some cool-looking attacks.

  • Recommended Class: Knight
  • Core Stats: Faith (60), Dexterity (40).
Recommended RingsMandatory Gear
Priestess RingLeft & Right Hand: Sellsword Twinblades
Lloyd’s Shield RingChest, Legs, Hands: Sunset Armor Set
Ring of Steel ProtectionHead: Chain Helm
Sun Princess RingSpells: Lightning Blade, Great Heal, Sunlight Spear, Sacred Oath
Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn

You might have expected to see more builds, but picking a build based specifically around a weapon is not an easy task because of how stats work. 

Although these builds have been personally crafted and tested out by not only us but other expert players too – none of them are meant to be written in concrete.

This list does include the most useful builds that you can create with the Sellsword Twinblades, but you can always change a few things to make it more suited to your play style.

It’s also worth noting that only the Dexterity build is particularly effective for PvP combat too.

The rest are mainly for PvE. That being said, we hope you found this guide useful and while you’re still here, make sure to check many of our other helpful Dark Souls 3 guides too!

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