How to Level Up Fast in Elden Ring 2024 (Complete Guide)

How to Level Up Fast in Elden Ring

Elden Ring features a long list of attributes that the player can level up using Runes. Collecting Runes can take a bit of time, and then you have to figure out where to best spend them too.

After all, you cannot level up your character directly in Elden Ring. Instead, the player has to spend their Runes on leveling up attributes, which in turn increases the overall character level as well.

There is no easy shortcut to level up fast in Elden Ring because it’s a game that requires effort. But you can speed up the leveling process by farming Runes in specific locations.

This will give you more Runes in a certain amount of time than you’d generally get them by trying in the wrong places. And once you farm the Runes, you can quickly level up the attributes you want and increase your character’s level fast.

So, let’s get started!

How to level up fast in Elden Ring using the best farming places

If you’re trying to level up in Elden Ring, you need to farm Runes. Once you have the Runes, you need to decide which stats you want to level up, such as Dexterity and Strength to name a few. Once you allocate points to those attributes, your overall character level goes up too.

These are the locations we recommend for early game farming:

1. Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow

Greyolls Dragonbarrow

One of the best early-game ways to farm for runes is by heading over to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. You don’t have to be incredibly powerful, just travel with the intent of killing a lot of enemies and have some half-decent equipment.

Once there, you will be able to farm roughly 1000 Runes every few seconds, because the mobs are fairly easy to kill (although not mindlessly easy) if you know how to handle yourself in the game. 

Of course, you can try to rely on sneak attacks too which will save you the trouble of facing the mobs head-on. 

Going to the place is easy, simply head over to the Third Church of Marika and find a statue with open arms. Behind it is a road that you must follow and then just jump off the right side of the tiny cliff up ahead. You’ll find a portal that will take you to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow.

2. Bestial Sanctum

Bestial Sanctum

Another good early-game location that you can use to farm runes is the Bestial Sanctum in Elden Ring. You will be able to find robed creatures in the area and you can earn roughly 1000 Runes per enemy if you manage to defeat them properly.

To get there, you need to head to the Third Church of Marika to the river, and follow it to the east side which has a cluster of trees that has a hidden teleporter inside.

Once you’ve teleported, visit the Grace of Site of that area and head over to the mobs. Make sure to avoid the big boss outside the stairway, who won’t attack you if you keep your distance.

These are the locations we recommend for late-game farming:

3. Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

Elphael, Brace of the HaligtreeElphael, Brace of the Haligtree

This is one of the best late-game locations for farming runes in the game. In a successful run where you take down every enemy that you see, you can get 25000 Runes – which is an amazing reward since the enemies can reset. And it does not even take that long once you become familiar with the layout of the place.

You can visit Elphael once you complete Miquella’s Haligtree dungeon and defeat Loretta, Knight of the Haligree. Once both of these tasks are complete, leave the boss arena and keep going on the path ahead of you.

Go down the ladder and visit the elevator. This will take you to the location.

4. Palace Approach Ledge-Road

Palace Approach Ledge-Road

Another late-game location is the Palace Approach Ledge-Road in which you can find a bird boss below a cliff. Every time you hit it with your bow, you receive up to 11000 Runes. You don’t have to defeat the bird to gain the bonus, simply disturb it with an attack and then run back to the Site of Grace that is connected to the area.

It’s the fastest way of earning Runes if you’re willing to put up with how ridiculous it is, so if you’re late in the game, give it a shot. Of course, if you kill the boss, then that’s rewarding in its own sense. Two birds with one stone, really.

You can visit this location by completing the White-Faced Varre quest. Once it’s done, you will earn the Pureblood knight’s Medal and go to Moghwyn’s Place. There, just go back to the starting position and go up the ramp from the blood swamp that you’ll find yourself in. And then you’re there!

That’s it for our guide on how you can level up fast in Elden Ring! These are four of the best locations that you can visit for farming Runes, and they are separated by early-game and late-game options.

So, it all depends on whether you’ve played a lot of the game or only a little. And once you go to the location and farm enough Runes to level up, just make sure you add the points in the stats that you actually need.

level up fast in elden ring

If you’re unsure of what stats to level up so that your character receives the buffs too, head over to our PvE weapons and builds guides to see what you want to use. And once you decide what build or weapon you want, you can see what attributes you need to level up.

If you fail to defeat enemies at first, simply become a bit stronger and then visit the locations again. And if it takes you too much time to defeat the enemies at first, don’t worry because the Runes you earn will help you become stronger.

And you will know the layout of the locations – which makes the process shorter.

And last but not least, make sure to access all of the Sites of Grace in the aforementioned areas so that you can easily fast travel to them whenever you want.

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