Bitlife: How to Get the Bandit Ribbon

How to Get the Bandit Ribbon

Although getting Bandit Ribbon in Bitlife Life Simulator comes with an easy difficulty level, the perfect timing is key.

It is one of four secret ribbons that won’t be unlocked until you complete the requirements. Surely, newbies won’t be familiar with four secret ribbons, titled:

  • Bandit
  • Teammate
  • Model Bitizen
  • Big Boss.

You can’t achieve all ribbons at once, as the game awards you only one, depending on how you spend your life.

Bandit Bitlife Ribbon

In this guide, we will discuss how to achieve the Bandit Ribbon after dying.

Surely, you would be familiar that Bitlife is a Text-based simulation that grants you a chance to start your life from a newborn baby; however, you are capable of giving the character a name of your choice, deciding the place to be birth, and selecting the gender.

The more you play the game, the more you learn about the game. Several options can be found on the screen to perform different actions.

How to Get the Bandit Ribbon

How to Get the Bandit Ribbon

Tapping the “+” button may help you age up your character and bring dozens of new choices to your life.

Many other ribbons are also featured and each one has a unique difficulty level and requirements to complete. Here we have compiled a Bandit Ribbon Guide to help you get it to follow a few steps.

Indeed, you might be familiar with the term Bandit as it is used for robbers and thieves. Sometimes, becoming a cop isn’t as fun as you can enjoy by becoming a thief. Keep the given requirements in mind when coming out to get the Bandit Ribbons.

It is a black ribbon representing a train emoji. Robbing a train once in your life may help you get the Bandit Ribbon easily, but the timing does matter.

Steps to get the Bandit Ribbon

Follow these exact steps to snag up the Bandit ribbon in bitlife.

  1. You are supposed to commit a Train Robbery under the given conditions:
  2. Don’t modify the time of your device as it causes of your death by being overrun by a train.
  3. Avoid making too much money in your career; meanwhile, never go to casino for making more money and getting successful or highroller ribbon.
  4. Never let your net worth crossed the milestone of 50 Million as it may help you achieve the Loaded Ribbon.
  5. Avoid starting your journey on a rich generation.
  6. To achieve the Bandit Ribbon, only one successful train robbery is mandatory; however, making too much money by robbing trains may let your character achieve a loaded Ribbon instead.

The procedure is pretty easy as long as you know how to train robberies to work – you need to jump in at exactly the same time as said in the game. In short, you have to conduct the robbery at 4:20 PM.

While the game suggests that the Bandit Ribbon is designed only for outlaws, it doesn’t mean you are supposed to kill NPCs randomly.

If you did as I said, the game awards you with Deadly Ribbon for killing people.

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