Pokemon GO: Friends Working Codes (2024)

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In these times, everyone needs some friends no matter if they are real or virtual because they need to spend their extra time without going out.

Pokemon Go comes up with a Friends feature that comes into action to help players who are looking for virtual in-game friends. You can now add new friends to your friend list and play with them together.

These virtual friends are the best alternative to your real-life friends who have abandoned the game, but you still want to play it.

Even if your friends get online from time to time, there is a chance that you are missing various in-game events and modes which are team-based.

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Those who work closely with their virtual friend and reach a high level together will receive some of the best Pokemon attacks of the game, along with Premier balls and the ability to participate in high-level raids. These benefits may not look that much, but they will help you in the long run where you will grind for a single item.

With these extra premier balls, you will be able to get your hands on some new Pokemon that you can catch after defeating them in raids. So below are some working Friends code for Pokemon, along with a guide to learn how to add them to your friend list.

Working Friends Codes In Pokemon Go

A Pokemon Go Friends code is a twelve-digit code that you can in three different ways.

Add as many virtual friends as you want to the friend list and stay in touch with them as you never know when a virtual friend will become your real-life friend.

Here are some Friends codes to increase the number of friends on your list;

  • 7959 3428 2040  
  • 5129 7329 2747
  • 6586 9189 2488
  • 8522 8948 0316
  • 5991 0501 4099
  • 4090 9492 5916
  • 5384 0788 8211
  • 2686 1563 5871
  • 2594 6473 3234
  • 7179 3532 8164
  • 7819 3947 8364
  • 8993 6696 5600
  • 3284 5752 1490
  • 0967 6859 1898
  • 4069 0045 8462
  • 1159 4561 1916
  • 5355 7610 4250
  • 3269 6450 7944
  • 6387 1266 5360
  • 2712 9892 6752
  • 5494 3062 9088
  • 3285 3047 9744
  • 3842 3094 6461
  • 9314 2727 6805
  • 0042 0489 8400
  • 9791 2725 4926
  • 6526 9599 8488
  • 5374 4026 3801

How to add Friends in Pokemon Go

You can add friends by scanning a QR code and connecting your Pokemon account with Facebook to add friends from Facebook. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you add Friends using the Pokemon Go Friends Code.

  • Access the Friends Page from the game menu
  • Tap on the “Add Friend” button
  • Copy the Friends Code and paste it into the menu
  • Tap on the Send button to send the friend request.

Now that you have sent the friends request, it is time for you to wait now before your new virtual friends accept your friend request so you can say hi to them.

Are Friends Code safe to use?

The question that these codes are safe troubles the mind of Pokemon Go players as they worry about their safety, so the simple answer is yes, these codes are secure.

There is no way that anyone in your friend list can harm you in any way, and you can remove any friend from the list with a single tap.

Bonuses based on Friendship Level

Suppose the above benefits are not enough to make up your mind for adding new friends to your friend’s list.

These experience points are enough to make you go crazy for making friends in Pokemon Go.

  • Good Friend: 3,000 XP
  • Great Friend: 10,000 XP 
  • Ultra Friend: 50,000 XP
  • Best Friend: 100,000 XP.

There are many upsides to adding friends to Pokemon Go. For once you get to share character knowledge and play with others when you’re in no mood to play alone.

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