The Best Toppings for Herb Cookie (2023)

The Best Toppings for Herb Cookie

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, cookies aren’t only eaten. They’re used as soldiers to battle for players who have the responsibility of constructing and upgrading buildings in their city.

To expand the land, players can use their cookie army to fight enemies. Of course, cookies are prone to crumble and need to be kept alive to fulfill their duties. There are various ways to make a cookie stronger such as obtaining EXP Candies, Skill Powders, Magic Candies, or adding Toppings

Toppings just don’t make a cookie sweeter in the game’s world. Instead, they can be added to a cookie to boost their stats, such as attacks, cooldown time, or resistance to debuffs.

However, you can’t just add any topping to a cookie. There are many different cookies you’ll meet in Cookie Run, each with different strengths and weaknesses. So it’s best to use toppings that play on their strengths more

This guide talks about what the best toppings are for Herb Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom and where to get them. But before we do, it’s important to understand who Herb Cookie is and what his stats are.

herb cookie explained

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Every army needs a medical team, this is where Herb Cookie comes in. He’s a green cookie that loves plants and sunshine and is made out of fresh herbs himself. He thinks the kingdom would be prettier if it had more flowers and eventually adopts Cookiesnap.

Herb Cookie is incredibly friendly and is always ready to help his allies in times of need. He’s also one of the best healers in Cookie Run: Kingdom. So if you get him early on in the game, you’ll need to invest a lot of toppings into Herb Cookie to get the best out of his healing.

Herb Cookie has an ability called “Sunny Garden,” which gets rid of all the debuffs an opponent might cast on your team and restores some HP as well. Unlike Pure Vanilla, Herb Cookie will heal team members slowly over time.

While it may seem like a disadvantage, it actually benefits the team in the long run as opposed to maxing out their health in one go, which can make them vulnerable in the next few seconds. He also purifies debuffs with his skill which cools down after 17 seconds (or less when upgraded).

If you’re also one of those players who are unable to get Pure Vanilla Cookie, then Herb Cookie is your next best option. Like other cookies, you can obtain Herb Cookie using the Cookie Gacha.

However, there is less than a 1% chance of getting him. Instead, you can collect 20 Herb Cookie Soulstones to get him immediately. To get his soulstones, you’ll have to be patient as they can only be randomly received as level awards. 

Of course, he’s not the only cookie from the Healing type. There are actually five more Healing Cookies in the game – there’s Angel Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, Custard Cookie III, Pure Vanilla Cookie, and Sparkling Cookie.

Healing Cookies are always positioned at the rear of a team and are an absolute must in the Kingdom Arena. This is where players battle with other player teams and get rewards in return.

Depending on a Healing Cookie’s attack percentage, they can restore a certain amount of HP and create shields for the team. 

Once you get Herb Cookie, these are the stats he starts out with. You can boost them by using toppings, which can be acquired by doing Balloon Expeditions and completing levels.


There are only five slots for toppings for each cookie, so players must choose carefully. If you’ve chosen to add Herb Cookie, then these are the best toppings to use for him in Cookie Run: Kingdom:

1. Searing Raspberry

Searing Raspberry  topping for herb cookie

As we mentioned before, the amount of HP a healer restores highly depends on the percentage of their attack. This is why you’ll need to focus on using a topping that increases a healer’s ATK such as the Searing Raspberry Topping.

This is pretty much one of the only toppings you’ll need for Herb Cookie as his attack percentage is quite low. Using the Searing Raspberry topping can give a cookie up to 9% more ATK.

If you use 5 upgraded Searing Raspberries toppings, you get 43.5% more ATK, which gives Herb Cookie about a thousand more ATK. By the end of a match, you could get up to 670,000+ healing done.

2. Swift Chocolate

Swift Chocolate

If you don’t want to add just 5 Searing Raspberries as toppings for your Herb Cookie, then you can add 2 Swift Chocolate toppings with 3 Searing Raspberries combined.

This focuses on lowering Herb Cookie’s cooldown time, which is crucial when you want to make use of his Sunny Garden ability.

Using this combination can give you up to 470,000+ healing done. If you use just 5 Swift Chocolate toppings, you can get up to 570,000+ healing done by the end of a match.


Those are the best toppings for Herb Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom! He may not be as overpowered as Pure Vanilla, but this guy does the job and will surely win your heart with his warm personality.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any other toppings that’ll be of use to him as you can’t use Herb Cookie to attack enemies or apply additional buffs to your cookie army. Healers only have one purpose, so don’t get bummed if you can’t add other toppings to boost their other stats. 

Cookie Run continues to be one of the most popular games right now, mainly due to its loyal fanbase and unique gacha system that lets you catch lovable cookie characters to add to your troops. The game is available on PC and mobile on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

If you want to learn more about the delightful world of Cookie Run: Kingdom and find more tips on how to play the game, we have a lot of Cookie Run-related guides for you to check out here.

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