Best Black Raisin Cookie Best Toppings (2023)

Best Black Raisin Cookie Best Toppings (2022)

When we hear the word kingdom, we think of knights, castles, and kings. However, Cookie Run Kingdom changed that for everyone by throwing tasty cookies, cakes, and candies into the mix.

And in the end, we got a great role-playing game that makes us hungry every time we play it.

What makes Cookie Run: Kingdom particularly special is that every character is customizable, so you have to make sure that you use the ideal toppings meant for your main roster.

And no matter what kind of a player you are, the Black Raisin Cookie is very useful to have on your team, especially with the right toppings that make it a strong choice.

It takes a few hours to experiment with every topping yourself before finding the best ones, so it helps to already know what you should use for the Black Raisin Cookie as soon as you unlock her. So, let’s not wait for a single second and jump right to our guide to the best Black Raisin Cookie toppings!

Cookie Run Kingdom Raisin Cookie Toppings

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The best toppings for Onion Cookies are:

X5 Searing Raspberry Topping

Usually, we recommend a few extra toppings, but there’s a reason that we stuck with just one option for Black Raisin Cookie. She is an excellent character that is best used with a full ATK build and the damage output becomes really high once you properly invest in her.

Other toppings can be applied to her, such as those that increase speed for example. However, it’s almost a waste to do that because it does not improve her by much and in the end, her attack capabilities will always be the thing that you should prioritize.

Especially since her special Skill is entirely based on dealing damage too. If you truly must mix things up, then an alternate combination of toppings would be to have:

2. 3X Searing Raspberry + 2X Swift Choco

The primary focus is still on boosting her attack output, but you can never go wrong with a reduced cooldown. So, these two are the best possible toppings for her that you should use, and no expert player would suggest anything different because it’s just not suitable for her.

Her primary Skill is Shadow Watcher, which allows her to disappear and then she follows up with a few strikes against the enemies. A single hit from this attack has an average DMG of 79.7% and it has a 14-second base Cooldown.

black raisin cookie

We hope that you found this Cookie Run: Kingdom Black Raisin Cookie best toppings guide useful!

As soon as you max out your Epic cookie and apply the ATK build toppings to her, you will not have to worry about your strength again.

While you’re still here, make sure to check out many of our other Cookie Run: Kingdom guides too, which include many best cookie toppings that you can apply to your favorites.

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