The Best Toppings For Cherry Blossom Cookie (2023)

The Best Toppings for Cherry Blossom Cookie (2022)

There is always a new cookie released each month in Cookie Run: Kingdom, an exciting mobile game that has grown an incredibly loyal fanbase.

This new cookie could be a crossover with another franchise such as Sonic the Hedgehog, or it could be a totally original cookie. When Cookie Run teased the return of Cherry Blossom Cookie on their social media accounts, fans were ecstatic.

You may know her as Cherry Cookie’s sister, who was already available at the beginning of Cookie Run: Kingdom. 

Upon her release during the Heroes of the Dark Cacao update, Cherry Blossom Cookie didn’t receive a lot of love from Cookie Run players. This is because players initially hoped for an Ambush cookie that could par against Sorbet Shark, the strongest Ambush cookie in the game right now.

But turns out she isn’t as strong as other damage-dealing Cookies. However, if you’ve gotten her and don’t have the option to use any other character then you’re going to need to invest in some really good toppings.

That’s why we’ve made a guide for Cherry Blossom Cookie and all the toppings that work best for her. So, without further ado, let’s talk about this adorable pink cookie!

Who is Cherry Blossom Cookie

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Not to be mixed with the explosive Cherry Cookie, her younger sister, Cherry Blossom Cookie is a bubbly and extremely talkative girl who loves going to picnics with her friends during spring. She’s the polar opposite of Cherry Cookie, who’s a troublemaker that loves to pull pranks.

Cherry Blossom is also the only cookie who can appease her. They’re both also related to Cherry Ball Cookie, but it’s unknown how exactly. Her character design was inspired by the Sakura, a Japanese flower that only blooms from March to May – the months her character was introduced in the mobile game.

Unlike her sister, Cherry Blossom Cookie belongs to the Ambush class and is positioned at the Rear.

This means that she’s tasked on the offensive and is also intangible (unable to get damage directly). These types of cookies are great to use against Ranged Cookies, Support Cookies, and Healing Cookies in arena mode as they usually attack the rear end of the team. 

If you’ve missed the Spring Picnic event but still want to add Cherry Blossom Cookie to your collection, you can still do so using the ordinary gacha or by collecting her soulstones.

The chances of unlocking a cookie depending on how rare they are. Cherry Blossom Cookie is an Epic cookie, which means that the odds of obtaining her through the gacha aren’t that low. You can also try getting her fast by collecting her soulstones.

In Cookie Run, every cookie requires 20 soulstones to make, most of which can be obtained at the Mileage Shop, Arena Medal Shop, the Rainbow Shell Gallery, and the Seaside Market. Just make sure to refresh the shops every few days to make sure the cookie you want is in stock.

Drawing a cookie or treasure at any gacha gives you Mileage Points, which can be exchanged for items at the Mileage Shop. An Epic soulstone costs 100 Mileage Points, so you could buy a few of these at least. 

To buy two Epic soulstones at the Medal Shop, you’ll have to collect 400 Victory Medals by winning at the arena. And lastly, to buy an Epic soulstone at the Rainbow Shell Gallery, you’ll need 800 Rainbow Pearls.

You can mostly get Rainbow Pearls at Touc’s Trade Harbor and get more if you trade more valuable goods. If you have enough pearls, you can double the Epic soulstones as they have two slots at the Rainbow Shell Gallery.

Cherry Blossom Cookie Skill Stats

Her special ability is called Cherry Blossom Rain, which allows her to shower enemies with cherry blossom petals, making her ideal for PvE combat.

Because the skill does area damage, it’s very useful against snipers. The skill also lets Cherry Blossom Cookie deal damage to non-cookie enemies and boost her team’s ATK depending on how many enemies the skill has hit. 

Skill StatValue
Base cooldown time17 seconds
Single hit DMG48.3% (+0.66% DMG per level)
Additional DMG to non-Cookie targets10.0% (For every 3 hits, the DMG decreases by 20.0% but not more than 80.0%)
ATK increase+2.5% for 12 seconds, can be stacked up to 10 times
Best Toppings for Cherry Blossom Cookie

Now that we know what Cherry Blossom does, it’s time we talk about her toppings. These toppings apply to almost all the Ambush cookies in Cookie Run as they’re only tasked with dealing damage.

However, it’s good to know why they’re important for each character.

1. Searing Raspberry

Like many offensive cookies, it’s best to focus on upgrading their ATK stats to increase the damage they deal on foes. Adding at least three Searing Raspberry toppings to Cherry Blossom Cookie will increase her damage, which she doesn’t have a lot of.

Don’t forget that Cherry Blossom Cookies’ skill also gives her teammates an additional ATK buff, so not only is she dealing extra damage, but her entire team is as well. 

2. Swift Chocolate

For every enemy the Cherry Blossom Rain hits, Cherry Blossom and her team receive an attack stat boost. This is why it’s important that she rains as many cherry blossoms as she can, and adding Swift Chocolate toppings to your mix will lessen her skill’s cooldown time.

Because she isn’t as strong as other cookies, it’s best to spam her skill as much as possible, especially in PvE modes such as arena or story.

The best way to go for her build is mixing Swift Chocolate toppings with Searing Raspberries (the amount of each depends on you) to make sure she deals more damage and gets to use her skill more often at the same time.


That’s a wrap for our guide on Cherry Blossom Cookie! We hope this helped you create the perfect build and made you give this cookie a second chance.

Although she isn’t the best character out there, Cherry Blossom is the perfect example of a cookie that can be actually helpful when given the right build. If you liked this guide and want to read more on Cookie Run, feel free to check out our other guides here.

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