FIFA 22: How to Get Ronaldo Siu Celebration With Any Player

FIFA 22: How to Get Ronaldo Siu Celebration With Any Player

Nothing is more satisfying than scoring a goal in FIFA 22 against your friend and then celebrating right on his face with the most hurtful celebration in the game. In fact, celebrating and watching your friends’ faces is even more fun than scoring a goal.

Celebrations are in-built into FIFA games, and you can trigger any celebration of your liking by pressing certain buttons after scoring a goal. The game has many different celebrations, from Aubameyang’s Windmill to Ronaldo’s iconic Siiiii!

The Ronaldo celebration hurts the most as Ronaldo is over the top and brash to his opponents at times. This will surely make your friend wonder why he paid against you, not to mention how much easier your match will be once you take your opponent’s morale down.

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The animation quality has significantly increased in FIFA 22, the players now shout the word ‘siiiiiu’ with all force, also many of the players can also do it for celebrations, i.e finger animations have been added to the game as well!

Ronaldo Siu Celebration

Getting Ronaldo on your team in FIFA 22 is no joke; you’d literally need a million coins just to get him on your team. But if you managed to rope in this player to your team, you’re in for a treat, as this red devil will surely be a significant addition to your FUT team!

If you have Ronaldo, you can do this celebration really easily. But before you do the celebration, score a nasty goal. Once Ronaldo starts celebrating, just press button A on the Xbox or the button X on the PlayStation. At the same time, you’re next to a teammate of yours to perform this legendary move!

But if you don’t have Ronaldo on your team, you can do the following to celebrate with any player you like, even Messi!

FIFA 22: How to Get Ronaldo Siu Celebration With Any Player

How to do Siu On PS4 & PS5

On the PS5 or PS4, you can perform the ‘Suuiii’ by simply pressing the buttons R1 and O simultaneously, whilst you’re running towards the corner. On doing this, the player who scored the goal will run full force.

Jump high into the sky, do a 180-degree turn, and smash down on the field shouting ‘Suiiii’ as the other players come to congratulate him. This can be applied to any player in the game and in online multiplayer matches.

How to do Siu On XBOX Series X & S

On the Xbox X series console, getting some players to do this celebration is not very hard.

First and foremost, score a goal, and once your player is about to start celebrating, simply press RB and B and start running towards any of the two corner flags of your opponent.

On doing so, the celebration will be triggered, and your player will jump up to do the festival, just like Ronaldo does in his matches!

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