How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Are you looking for one of the best healers found in the Cookie Run Kingdom? If yes, then Legendary Pure Vanilla Cookie is one of them – here’s a guide on how to get Pure Vanilla Cookie for your team.

Before starting the guide, you should keep a few facts about the legendary Cookie in mind.

Pure Vanilla Cookie serves as the leader of five ancient heroes, and you would be amazed to know that it is the first playable ancient cookie; furthermore, the rarity of Vanilla Cooke is “Ancient,” and it comes with “Rea Position.” 

The cookie belongs to the “Healing” Class, and like other Ancient Cookies, he is playable in the Prologue.

If you don’t know much about him, it would be good that it is also the founder and ex-king of the Vanilla Kingdom that makes it appear in the Timeless Kingdom and the Castle in the Sky.

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The available decor for the Vanilla Cookie is the following “Vanilla Orchid Garden.” After learning about Pure Vanilla Cookie, you have to jump in to dig out how to get Pure Vanilla Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom releases with several Cookies as playable characters in its core can be used to drive out various threats come across. While lots of Cookies are symbols of power, some are outstanding and ancient.

At the time of writing, only two ancient cookies are available outside of the Prologue; however, these cookies are the following: Hollyberry Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie.

The first ancient released cookie was Pure Vanilla Cookie, serving as the best healer and the most difficult to obtain. We’ve compiled a guide to help you get him following a few steps, so keep reading the article.

Because of its rarity and importance of having in your team, the most common way to get Pure Vanilla Cookie is through gathering the “Soul Stones.” Collecting stone is only meant to help you obtain the Cookie of your dream, and it isn’t as easy as everyone is considering.

However, it can be done by collecting soul stones or using the Cookie Gacha System. Besides these two options, you can also visit the Arena Battle Store as the third method to get Pure Vanilla Cookie, but it can put a huge dent in your pocket.

How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Cost of 1 Soul Stone

If you prefer collecting Soul Stones for obtaining Vanilla Cookie, you should keep in mind that each Soul Stone will cost you 600 Medals and you can get only one Soul Stone after a couple of days.

Having said that means you can’t buy Soul Stones in bulk as they become available only for a couple of days.

How many Soul Stones do you need to unlock Vanilla Cookie?

Furthermore, the Ancient Soul Stone for sale belongs either to Vanilla Cookie or Hollyberry Cookie. Surely, there would be a question floating in your mind about how many Soul Stones you should have in your inventory to unlock Pure Vanilla Cookie.

The answer is 20 Soul Stones, as once you achieve the milestone, the character will automatically get unlocked and be added to your team. Besides, you can exchange 20 Soul Stones for Pure Vanilla Cooke using the Cookie Menu.

Getting your favorite cookie using the said method won’t impact how you play the battle, and using the technique is surely worth your time.

Besides the Soul Stones, players can get Pure Vanilla Cookie, which is possible using the Cookie Gacha system.

The same method goes for obtaining Soul Stones of the Vanilla Cookie. If players worldwide are trying to draw their favorite Cookie using the Featured Gachas, then the chances of getting Pure Vanilla Cookie are about 0.054%.

It means if you draw the Gachas 200 times, then the chances of being lucky is only one time. We know it isn’t easy, but there’s a hope you will receive Pure Vanilla Cookie one day.

Moreover, the chances of drawing the Soul Stones of Vanilla Cookie using the Featured Gachas are almost higher than the character itself as the odds of drawing are nearly 0.308%. The odds would be the same even the player draw using the normal Cookie Gacha.

If you have decided to go with Cookie Gacha, we suggest you do it through Normal Gacha and keep collecting Soul Stones until you find 20 in your inventory. Once you achieve the milestones, go and exchange your 20 Soul Stones for Pure Vanilla Cookie and have fun.

Purchase Soul Stones through Mileage Shop

Purchasing Pure Vanilla Cookie’s Soul Stones isn’t possible through Mileage Shop as you aren’t allowed to do so, and there will be no one to entertain you.

The only way to obtain Soul Stones is through the Actual Gacha Pull System, or you can visit the Arena Medal Shop to get some Soul Stones for yourself. Besides, there’s no way you can use to get Pure Vanilla Cookie.

Surely, you would find lots of sites claiming to help you get the character for free, avoid using them as they might set a trap for you to steal your credentials. Usually, such sites ask you to enter your game username and other information.

You must avoid all methods as only two are capable of getting you to your dream characters, and they are the following:

  • Gacha Pulls
  • Arena Medal Shop (Soul Stones).


Dreaming of getting legendary Cookies is fabulous in itself, but it becomes tricky to find how to draw them using only two set methods by the developers. I have seen many players picking up Vanilla Character after drawing only 10 Gacha Pulls.

So, keep putting your luck to the test, and surely you will get your dream character one day.

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