Cookie Run: Kingdom Best Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings (2023)

Best Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

One way or the other, the pure vanilla cookie is considered the best support cookie in the entire Cookie Run kingdom, and using it with the correct topping build will make your adventure fun.

Although there are other varieties of cookies available in the game, the pure vanilla cookie is the rarest of most.

Experts suggest that you go with a searing raspberry build, swift chocolate build, and solid almond build characters for best results. The vanilla cookie is powerful right from the start, but you need to go with a building to reach the OP status at some stage in the game. 

The game comes up with more than a hundred cookies, but only a handful of them can reach OP status, and the vanilla cookie is one of them.

This article features some of the best pure vanilla cookie toppings build into the entire game

You can use both featured cookie gachas and normal Cookie gachas to get your hands on the pure vanilla cookie as well as the soul stones of this Cookie.

This is one of the most difficult methods to obtain this Cookie as the chances of getting Cookie and stones through it is one in every 500 turns. 

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If you have got the pure vanilla cookie earlier, but you still use the gachas to try your luck, you will get 20 soul stones for each vanilla cookie that you receive.

There is bad news for those who don’t want to grind as they can’t buy these soul stones from the millage shop with money. Instead, they have to access the arena metal shop for these soul stones. You can go for epic cookies if you don’t like to work too hard for things. 

The pure vanilla cookie is a male character in Cookie run kingdom, and it is classified as an ancient cookie, vanilla, and the founder of the vanilla kingdom. It has a destructive ability, due to which it defeats the famous red velvet dragon along with five others. 

  1. The stamina is very high, so you can engage in a fight with various enemies without worrying about losing due to stamina. 
  2. It uses a staff to create a large area of light and regenerate the health of all the allies in the area of light. 
  3. Use soul stones to change the vanilla orchid staff and throw a powerful light beam at enemies to kill them. 

Topping Builds Guide

There are two official topping builds for the pure vanilla cookie in Cookie run kingdom, and each offers some good stats. Below are the requirements for both Cookie builds that you need to fulfill to get the most out of your character.

  1. The swift chocolate build requires five swift chocolate toppings and features CD reduction
  2. The searing raspberry build requires five searing raspberry toppings and features an attack boost.

Why does Swift Chocolate Build in Better?

If you are looking for a supporting character, go with the swift chocolate build as it comes up with woo the best support abilities, including shield and healing in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Both help you become the ultimate support character and stand with your teammates in difficult situations. The swift chocolate builds also reduce your cooldown time to some extent. 

The shield can hold a majority of enemy attacks to keep you safe and last longer in the battle. The healing effect kicks in when the shield breaks down and regenerates some of your hp back so you can defeat the enemy.

This is the best combination of skills in the game, and the swift chocolate build is the choice of those who don’t know about fighting. 

Why Searing Raspberry Build is Better?

 Like the parfait cookie, the hp of the pure vanilla cookie is directly linked to its attack.

Although the vanilla cookie offers a better attack than most cookies, it uses instant healing. Other cookies use healing per second, but the instant healing will give you a sudden boost in your overall health as soon as you hit the action button. 

Use the searing raspberry to increase your chances of using the instant healing ability. Become the ultimate support character in your team by instantly reviving the lost health of all your teammates and helping them return to the fight with full power again. 

How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Both Cookie builds mentioned above are best for pure vanilla cookies, but you have to choose among them as the game allows you to go with one build. Most cookie fighters go with searing raspberry thanks to the instant health-reviving ability. 

Choose the searing raspberry to build if you are fighting against enemies who launch frequent attacks in a short time, and you need that instantly revive when your health bar is about to finish. Those who go with the swift chocolate build have their reasons. 

The shield will protect you from attacks from all directions in the swift chocolate build. Combine it with other good characters for the best results because buffing from one direction will never let you make it through. 

Why Upgrade Toppings With Builds?

You have got the best character in Cookie run kingdom, and you may wonder why you have to grind for all that extra stuff and upgrade your character.

This is a fair question, as getting characters alone is not easy. The limit to upgrade toppings is much higher on high-level cookies, so you can double or even triple their stats. 

The biggest reason to use builds is to increase the overall stats of your character and take their effects to a whole new level. Focus on topping up your high-level builds right from the start of the game instead of wasting your resources on the low-level build, which won’t help you in later stages.


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