Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Guide (2023)

Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Guide

Moon Rabbit Cookie is one of the Epic Defense cookies whose resemblance will remind you of sweet rice cakes. The cookie appears to be happy and fluffy.

Even though she comes as a Defense Cookie, her natural healing abilities are excellent.

In a PvP arena, the Moon Rabbit Cookie is an absolute killer of a choice. The players stand to gain an advantage with the defensive side as well as the healing ability.

Your opponents can barely stand a chance against your Moon Rabbit Cookie’s awesome heals. 

The Moon Rabbit Cookie has a simple job, to deal DMG to its enemies. The cookie transforms into a giant rice cake bunny, who jumps up and down to attack the enemies.

Once an enemy is hit, it will be marked with the help of a healing rice cake. The healing cake will restore the health of your allies, once all the enemies are defeated. 

The amount of healing you receive from the cookie depends on the size of your enemy defeated. The bigger the target, the larger the healing amount, and vice versa. Take note that when Moon Rabbit Cookie is applying her skill, interrupting effects will have less impact on her. 

  • The Moon Rabbit Cookie has a cooldown of about 14 seconds. 
  • In a single hit, she will deal damage of about 127.9 percent. (With an increase of 1.7 percent per level) 
  • The self-healing rate is 160 percent of ATK. 
  • The healing cake is supposed to heal all your allies when the enemy is defeated within 10 seconds. 
  • The cookies will heal at a rate of 253 percent of ATK. 
  • The non-cookies will heal at a rate of 24.2 percent of ATK.

Even though the Moon Rabbit cookie is built to be a defense cookie, its skills and usage are more centered around being a healer that reduces the impact of any attack dealt with.

This exact property of the Rabbit cookie makes it difficult to build, the trick is to find the proper balance between ATK, DMG resists, and cooldown reduction. 

The ideal set of Moon Rabbit Cookie toppings built in the Cookie Run Kingdom would consist of the perfect combination of almonds, swift choco, swift chocolate, and a little patience. 

You will need 5 amounts of solid almond toppings, which will provide more DMG resistance for the frontline positioned Moon Rabbit. It will help in increasing survivability or DMG absorption stats. 

You can also opt for an alternative method consisting of full swift choco or a combined set of swift choco or swift almond. If you ask us, we will recommend you to go with the 5 solid almond topping build set for Moon Rabbit Cookie. 

  • 5 amounts of Solid Almond (Highly recommended) 
  • 3 amounts of Swift Choco + 2 amounts of Solid Almond OR 2 amounts of Swift Chocolate + 3 amounts of Swift Almond. 
  • 5 amounts of Swift Choco.

These numerous ways to build your Moon Rabbit Cookie are all because of the uniqueness our cookie offers. It is all up to you and your team, how to build the coolie to your personal preference and team composition. 

We advise you to also use Squishy Jelly Watch for cooldown reduction and also for ATK boosting options.

It will not only give you an upper hand but also improve Moon Rabbit Cookie’s healing abilities. While in the arena, some players might also want to use Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather which will help you to revive a fallen cookie. 

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