Cotton Cookie Best Toppings Build (2023)

Cotton Cookie Best Toppings Build

Cotton Cookie belongs to an Epic Rarity and is released alongside Frost Queen Cookie. She comes with a jam-packed kit fully loaded with support, attack, and crowd control capabilities.

The library of characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom is increasing continuously as the developers are introducing new characters via updates. The addition of Cotton Cookie to the game is highly anticipated, offering the first healer-damage dealer.

As mentioned above, she was launched alongside “Frost Queen Cookie.” 

As you know, every cookie has unique abilities that help you dominate the battlefield. Surely, getting the cookie might go in your favor as she looks fluffy and holds a shepherd’s staff as well as a vintage lantern. She comes with a cute pet that jumps alongside her.

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Every cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom has unique abilities; similarly, Cotton Cookie emits Warm Light via Lantern that shines to restore the HP of Allies; meanwhile, the warm light increases the ATK power of the summoned creatures.

Besides, it helps you summon sheep that will keep the charge at foes while dealing with area damage and stunning them.

For a specific time, the summoned sheep will battle alongside your Cookie. 

  • Cooldown: 17 Sec
  • ATK Increase: Your ATK increases up to 75% when the lantern is lit. 
  • Sheep Herd: 111.4% of HP, 124.5% of ATK, and 157.8% of DEF. 
  • Healing: Almost 9.9% of ATK every sec for the next 9 Sec. 
  • Sheep Stampede: Stun for 1 Sec. 

You should keep in mind that Cotton Cookie is designed to assume several roles, with the capability of healing, summoning creatures, stunting enemies, and dealing damage.

Having all prominent tools packed into one kit enables you to drive a Support Cookie or Healer out from your team without any worries. Apart from that, she shines in the arena with the help of her lantern that keeps emitting rays to restore the health of her allies. 

Cotton Cookie comes with muted teal eyes and a white hairstyle. She equips blue and brown dresses loaded with fur at the collar.

Besides, she holds a crooked wooden cane fully covered in tufts of cotton.

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Cotton Cookie Toppings Build requires the following: 

  • X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended).
  • X3 Solid Almond Toppings + X2 Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended).
  • X3 Swift Chocolate Toppings + X2 Solid Almond Toppings (Optional).

If you are curious to know about the best Cotton Cookie Topping Build in the Cookie Run: Kingdom, then X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings is the answer.

Using the Swift Chocolate, you can reduce the CD of Cotton Cookie and it’s a fabulous combo as Cotton Cookie can use skills more frequently.

In case you are searching for a way to reduce CD and Boost DMG Resistance, you have to use X2 Swift Chocolate Toppings and X3 Solid Almond Toppings. 

You should keep on the caveat of Cotton Cookie in mind that her attack speed is a bit slow during the skill cooldown. Besides, she’s only the healer in your team; therefore, you should fall short of survivability in massive battles.

To improve the efficiency, the best toppings for Cotton Cookie would be a full Swift Chocolate Build. 

Giving Cotton Cookie a hybrid build of Solid Almonds and Swift Chocolates may help her improve their survivability. You are allowed to put on two or more toppings to your cookie, depending on what you are looking for.

Apart from that, Squishy Jelly Watch may help your cookie for cooldown reduction, while the Pin Cushion of Seamstress is fabulous when it comes to increasing the ATK and the summoned creatures’ duration. 

To unlock the Cotton Cookie, you should use the featured Cookie Cutters or Crystals as unlocking cotton cookies is only possible with the help of Gacha Banner.

The chances of getting a featured cookie are high than others. In short, you have an almost 1.440% chance of drawing the Cotton Cookie; meanwhile, the chances of drawing the cookie using soul-stone are 8.200%.

If you have decided to draw the Cotton Cookie using the Cookie Run Kingdom Gacha system, then the chances would be 0.80%.

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