The Best Toppings For Caramel Arrow Cookie (2023)

Best Toppings For Caramel Arrow Cookie

Caramel Arrow Cookie is a tough chocolatey archer that was introduced during the Heroes of Dark Cacao update in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Although she’s part of the Ranger class, you might find that she’s positioned at the front instead of the rear where they’re regularly placed.

She’s been compared to the likes of Sorbet Shark Cookie because of their skills and ability to deal a lot of damage relative to the enemy cookie’s health, making her incredibly useful in Alliance and Arena.

If you’ve just picked her up and are wondering what toppings to use on her, you’ve come to the right place. But before we start discussing the best toppings to use on Caramel Arrow Cookie, it’s best to understand who she is.

Who is Caramel Arrow Cookie

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Caramel Arrow Cookie, also known as the First Watcher, is a fierce and loyal protector of the Dark Cacao Kingdom and previously spent her free time giving out rations to the citizens.

However, she was exiled from the kingdom after Affogato Cookie misled the king into thinking that she had no faith in the court and the king himself. Despite being banished into the wild, nothing will stop Caramel Arrow Cookie from protecting her fellow citizens.

To get the best out of this character, combining her with cookies like Mint Choco Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Eclair Cookie, and Madeleine Cookie would make a great speed comp and increase the overall damage dealt by your team. If you want to unlock Caramel Arrow Cookie, you can use the gacha or collect her soulstones.

However, this requires you to save up a lot of crystals and magic cookie cutters. There’s also a chance her soulstone will appear in the Arena Medal shop, just make sure you collect enough medals.

Caramel Arrow Cookie Skill Stats

Caramel Arrow Cookie has a special skill called the Arrow of Resolution which transforms her twinblades into arrows that explode on marked enemies as she rushes towards them.

This attack deals damage based on the enemy’s max HP (capped at 300,000), which is similar to Sorbet Shark Cookie’s Shark Splash ability with the only difference of the latter dealing true damage.

During this ranged attack, Caramel Cookie also receives a buff that protects her from debuffs. 

Arrow of ResolutionValue
Cooldown time10-second base
Ranged attack8.0 seconds
Single hit DMG88.3% (+1.2% DMG per level)
Arrow Mark12 sec. duration, 12x maximum stack
DMG relative to Max HP (Cookies)22.1% (+0.3% DMG per level)
DMG relative to Max HP (Others)2.2% (+0.03% DMG per level)
Immunity8.0 seconds

Now that we know what her stats are, it’s time we talk about toppings. For each cookie, there are only five slots for toppings.

When you’re using someone like Caramel Arrow Cookie, there are actually a lot of combinations for you to choose from. It all depends on the build you’re going for. With a little bit of experimentation and research, you’ll be able to find a combination that works for you.

These are the toppings that we recommend you try for Caramel Arrow Cookie:

1. Bouncy Caramel

It’s not a Caramel Arrow Cookie list if we didn’t include a caramel topping. But we didn’t just add this for the sake of her design. At the start of her special attack, Caramel Arrow Cookie runs behind the team and shoots arrows at three targets based on her attack speed.

She then lunges forward and deals one last burst of damage depending on how many attacks she has made before. The more attacks you get her to make at the back, the more hits she’ll perform at the end.

Best Toppings for Caramel Arrow Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

2. Solid Almond

Because her default position is at the front, that makes Caramel Arrow Cookie more vulnerable to attacks. Solid Almond toppings will boost her DMG Resist, which allows her to endure more damage. If you’re focusing on using Caramel Arrow Cookie as a tank then consider adding at least 2 or 3 Solid Almond toppings to your mix along with the next topping in our list.

3. Searing Raspberries

Searing Raspberry toppings will increase her ATK and would make Caramel Arrow Cookie a great DPS. She’s also a heavy damage-dealing character, so boosting her ATK stats will immensely increase the damage she deals. When you’re using a full set, make sure to have Librarian’s Robes treasure on her.

4. Swift Chocolate

If you want to use the Arrow of Resolution as much as possible, then you’ll have to invest in Swift Chocolate toppings. When you’re in Arena, most teams require cookies with a 3-second start. It’s also crucial to improve her cooldown time as it could mess up the order of your cast skills in this specific mode.

In this case, adding Swift Chocolate toppings gives Caramel Arrow Cookie a 2-second start. The reason why this is important is that it gives your team a little bit of protection before the enemy team starts making attacks. 

Take note that if you’re going for a mixed set, try to watch out for the cooldown substat of each topping. If you’re a beginner player without many toppings, it’s better to go for a full set first.

5. Apple Jelly

If you’re going for a mixed set, then it might be good to add a few Apple Jelly toppings. Apple Jelly toppings will increase her CRIT%, which is great if you’re using a scythe. We recommend that you use Apple Jellies if you have maxed out CRIT% and CRIT% DMG Landmarks and Research. If not, you can mix Apple Jellies with Solid Almonds and Searing Raspberries.


Alright, that’s all we can say about Caramel Arrow Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. We hope this guide helped you create the perfect build for this character.

She’s one of the best cookies to get right now and investing in great toppings will save you from disappointment. While you’re here, feel free to check out our other Cookie Run-related guides!

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