Naraka: BLADEPOINT Weapons Tier List 2023: All Weapons Ranked

Naraka: BLADEPOINT Weapons Tier List

Naraka: BLADEPOINT is a melee-based battle royale game that puts a fresh spin on the genre, which is generally dominated by shooter games. The game features seven different characters and all of them have unique abilities that greatly change how the gameplay works for the player.

But one thing that you may not realize is that the game’s weapons are just as much of an important aspect as the character that you play.

As usual, not every weapon in Naraka: BLADEPOINT is created equal and some of them are significantly more convenient to use than the others – and that means every player needs to take a look at our tier list for the best weapons in the game.

It can be very time-consuming to test everything out yourself to know what works best in a game, so we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing it all down to a tier list, ranked based on usefulness. So, let’s get started!

Every Naraka: BLADEPOINT Weapons Ranked

The weapons in the game are divided into two types. The first type is, of course, melee weapons. And the second type is ranged weapons. Let’s go through what all of these weapons are before getting into the tier list:

Melee Weapons in Naraka: BLADEPOINT:

  • Spear
  • Katana
  • Longsword
  • Greatsword
  • Bloodripper
  • Dagger.

Ranged Weapons in Naraka: BLADEPOINT:

  • Flamebringer
  • Repeating Crossbow
  • Swarm
  • Cannon
  • Musket
  • Pistol
  • Bow.

Now that we have the weapon types out of the way, let’s get right into the tier list of how useful these weapons are in order.

Tier LevelWeapon TypeWeapon
S-Tier WeaponsRangedFlamebringer
Repeating Crossbow
S-Tier WeaponsMeleeBloodripper
A-Tier WeaponsRangedBow
A-Tier WeaponsMeleeDagger
B-Tier WeaponsRangedCannon
B-Tier WeaponsMeleeGreatsword
C-Tier WeaponsRangedPistol
C-Tier WeaponsMeleeDagger

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Naraka: BLADEPOINT S-Tier Weapons

Naraka: BLADEPOINT Weapons Tier List

1. Flamebringer

The Flamebringer is a ranged weapon that you can only obtain through Morus’ Blessing. Since it’s not as easy to obtain as other weapons, it’s no surprise that it’s a great medium-ranged weapon that can deal a lot of damage to your opponents.

2. Bloodripper

Another weapon that can only be obtained through Morus’ Blessing, this weapon acts like a drill machine that you can use to ram your way through the enemy with ease. It deals a lot of damage and it’s one of the greatest weapons in the game.

3. Katana

With the Japanese aesthetics of the game, it would have been a tragedy if the Katana wasn’t a particularly useful weapon in the game. Fortunately, it’s on the S tier because it’s pretty useful and can lead to some very fun combos.

Especially if you mix in the grappling hook with it, as many players love to do.

4. Repeating Crossbow

The bow and pistol are the least effective weapon in the game, but fortunately, the Repeating Crossbow is an exception. It’s difficult to master since you need good precision to hit enemies that keep running around with grappling hooks – but it has a fast fire rate and allows you to slow enemies down if you land your shots.

5. Swarm

The Swarm can only be obtained through Morus’ Blessing but like most other weapons that fall under this list, it’s worth the effort. It acts as a cannon but has a very fast fire rate, which is of course very useful to use – especially as a crowd-controller weapon if you’re playing with a duo or trio.

6. Longsword

Surely, the other S-tier weapons on this list are better than the Longsword in some ways.

However, the fact that this is a very common item to find and that it’s still very useful and allows you to deal a decent amount of damage with ranged attacks makes it deserve a spot here. It’s very useful for keeping a distance from your enemies and also escaping them when things get hairy.

Naraka: BLADEPOINT A-Tier Weapons

1. Dagger

This entry is heavily reliant on the fact that you find it as the highest rarity possible. It’s a very quick weapon and if you use it precisely, you will be able to take your enemies out before they even get a chance to fight back.

It’s particularly useful for characters like Matari since she has stealth aspects available in her abilities.

2. Spear

The Spear is a very effective weapon if you want to keep your enemies at bay. Of course, you lose some mobility because of how long and slow it is in comparison to something like the Greatsword, but it’s pretty fun when you get used to it.

3. Bow

Every good game with medieval weaponry needs a bow, because why not? And fortunately, the Bow in Naraka: BLADEPOINT is on the second-best tier of all the weapons. You can use it to hide around vantage points and then attack enemies with a good charge – which will greatly damage them.

Naraka: BLADEPOINT B-Tier Weapons

 Naraka: BLADEPOINT B-Tier Weapons

1. Cannon

The canon is a ranged weapon that works similarly to the Swarm, but it’s much less useful. The durability is limited and it takes effort to use it properly. It’s not entirely useless as it can deal a lot of explosive damage to your enemies, but it’s something you should only use occasionally.

2. Greatsword

In most games, the Longsword and Greatsword are very similar weapons with the difference being their range. However, in Naraka: BLADEPOINT the Greatsword is overshadowed by both the Longsword and the Katana – which makes it a less-than-favorable choice.

However, that being said, it’s not useless and some players prefer it because it suits their play style.

Naraka: BLADEPOINT C-Tier Weapons

Naraka: BLADEPOINT c-Tier Weapons

1. Dagger

This weapon is already in the A tier. Why is it here? Because as specifically mentioned above, the dagger is only useful if it’s the rarest type, such as Legendary. If you use the lower types and don’t even have a character like Matari, it’s quite useless and will put you at a great disadvantage.

2. Pistol

Even at the rarest types, this weapon is not very effective and you’d be better off using anything else. A weapon like this is only semi-useful in desperation, like if you can’t find something better to use at a time. Either that or for a YouTube montage where you prove that you’re great even with bad weapons.

3. Musket

The Musket is a weapon that will be completely useless for most players because it requires an incredible amount of precision to be anything close to effective.

If you are the kind of player that can put it to good use, then it’s quite similar to a sniper and can help you gain an advantage against your opponents. But again, a weapon that is only useful for a handful of people does not deserve to be higher on the list.

And that’s it for our tier list of the best weapons in Naraka: BLADEPOINT! We hope that you found the weapons best suited to you on this list, and keep in mind that this is a game that is updated frequently and the statistics might change a little based on time.

And while you’re here, make sure to check out our best Naraka: BLADEPOINT characters tier list for 2022 too!

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