Catlife: How to Get All Ribbons

How to get Ribbons In Catlife

Catlife is a life simulator game and the cat version of Bitlife where you can take the role of a cute cat.

You can unlock cat ribbons to make your cat look beautiful and stand out from the rest of the cat community. There is a virtual rainbow bridge full of colors, and your cat’s life ends as she crosses this bridge.

Here is the ultimate guide to getting your hands on all the available cat ribbons in Catlife.

How to Get Ribbons In Catlife

Getting Ribbons in CatLife is almost the same as in Bitlife. It’s a strip that displays on your cat’s grave to display how they spent their entire life. Here are some Best Ribbons that you would love to achieve.

Ordinary Ribbon

If you know everything about the ordinary ribbon in Doglife, getting the Orinda ribbon in Catlife will be an easy task for you.

Get the ordinary ribbon to stay on the course, and don’t engage in a task that qualifies you for other ribbons, as this will result in you getting the ribbon you don’t want.

  • Don’t engage in fights with other cats or don’t attack humans, as this will qualify you for the attacking ribbon.
  • Instead, spend your Cat life in the dark and don’t try to be fancy.
  • The best thing about the ordinary ribbon is that you don’t have to try anything to get your ribbon except live your life.

Bad Kitty Ribbon

Want that bad kitty ribbon? Here’s all you gotta do:

  • Be a bad boy in your cat live and get the bad kitty ribbon at the end of your current life.
  • This requires you to do all sorts of things that humans don’t like, including jumping at them, kissing them, peeing at them, and messing around with other things in the house.
  • Sometimes, your master will send you to the shelter as a punishment for your crimes mentioned above, but you can be the bad boy of shelter as well.

Killer Cat Ribbon

As the name suggests, the killer cat ribbon is awarded to cats who attacked other animals and even killed them in their previous life.

If you are a furious cat, you can kill humans, but this isn’t rewarding as killing cats and dogs.

  • Go for mauling, mangling, chomping, slashing, and slicing combos when attacking other animals to increase your chances of winning the fight.
  • There is no exact figure about how many cats you should kill for the killer ribbon but more means better.     

Purrfect Ribbon

The famous saying that “live a happy and beloved life” is enough to describe the purrfect ribbon in a few words. You need to be in a house to win this ribbon, as street cats can’t interact with humans that much.

  • Make sure to choose a master with high friendliness stats for getting this ribbon.
  • Cuddle with your master and cheer them up to make them happy and be their purrfect cat.

Alpha Ribbon

Those who are the pack leader will get the alpha ribbon to showcase that they were the strongest cat in their group during their life.

How to get Ribbons In Catlife

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  • It doesn’t matter that you live on the streets or in a big mansion, as long as you are aggressive towards your pack and dominant.
  • Showing aggressiveness doesn’t mean that you should kill cats, as killing too many will give you the killer cat ribbon.

Omega Ribbon

The omega ribbon is one of the easiest ribbons to get in Catlife because you don’t have to do anything in the game except live your life.

  • Don’t show aggressiveness or kill other cats, as this will reward you with other ribbons. Don’t engage in cuddling with your human master if you are a house cat.
  • Engaging in fights even if necessary will get you other ribbons or decrease your chances of getting this ribbon.

Stay tuned for more Catlife guides.

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