Dead by Daylight Trickster Gameplay Guide

Dead by Daylight Trickster Gameplay Guide

Dead by Daylight is a game that has all different types of characters to play as. Whether it’s the survivors or the killers, the game has a great cast of original characters and a long list of guest characters too which come from popular franchises like The Evil Dead, Stranger Things, Silent Hill, Friday the 13th, and so on.

Naturally, when an asymmetric survival horror video game has so many different characters and the ways in which they play – it takes a while to figure out how you’re supposed to handle those characters.

Especially given the fact that playing the wrong way with the characters can provide a massive advantage to the opposite side, which can make them win the game immediately.

One of the most interesting killers in Dead by Daylight is the Trickster, who is a break from the usual horror icons of the game. That is because he is a pop idol that is reminiscent of how K-Pop stars look and his story is related to the music industry too.

This unique backstory allowed him to capture everyone’s attention – and his unique gameplay is something that everyone wants to understand too.

Whether you wish to play as him or against him, it can take a while and a lot of trial and error to figure out how things work with this iconic killer.

So, we’ve created a thorough guide for the character so that you can fully understand how to play as the one and the only Trickster in Dead by Daylight! Let’s get started.

Trickster Specialty Perks

Specialty perks are essentially the abilities of every killer in Dead by Daylight. They determine the key differences that the killers have from each other and act as a factor that people can look at in terms of what they want to play with.

The perks provide major advantages to the killer and often include direct disadvantages for the human survivors – which is a fair way to balance the game since the survivors are always in larger numbers.

trickster Specialty Perks

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You generally have to pick favorite perks since it takes a lot of leveling up of the Bloodweb to be able to use multiple at a time, so trying all of them out one by one is the ideal way to go.

1. Starstruck

If you carry a survivor, this perk puts the Exposed status on any survivors that are within the Trickster’s terror radius. It remains active for 26 to 30 seconds once they leave the terror radius.

If you hook or drop the survivor that you were carrying, the effect wears off but it remains active for 26 to 30 seconds for any survivors who were still within your terror radius. It has a 60 seconds cooldown, and that begins once you drop the survivor that you were carrying.

2. No Way Out

Every time you hook a survivor, you gain a token. When the Exit Gates are powered, this perk is activated. You hear a ‘Loud Noise’ notification every time a survivor interacts with the Exit Gate Switch, and both of the Exit Gate Switches are blocked for 12 seconds from that point on.

Every token that you collected, if any, can add 6 to 12 extra seconds to the thing. This can generally lead up to a total of 60 seconds as a whole.

3. Hex: Crowd Control

This perk targets survivors who perform rushed vaults through windows. This causes the window to get blocked for the next 14 to 20 seconds, and it persists for as long as the Hex Totem is standing.

As you can see, these perks are more about controlling the map and trapping survivors rather than something that would allow you to unleash lethal attacks towards them – which makes Trickster a unique killer to play as. As for the seconds for how long these abilities last, that is determined by how much your Bloodweb is updated and if you’re using any add-ons or not.

Trickster Weapons and Power

1. Polished Head-Smasher

There is not much to say about this weapon as it’s very straightforward. It grants decent range since it’s not as short as a dagger and is pretty damaging if you manage to hit your shots. There’s nothing special about the bat, but it does its job pretty well if you know how to use it.

2. Showstopper

Showstopper is Trickster’s main ability and it allows him to throw a large number of knives at rapid speed. You have to hold down the Power button to enter the ‘Throw State’ and then pressing the attack button can throw a single blade at a time, while holding it down will cause the Trickster to throw multiple of them at a rapid speed.

The only downfall is that the blades run out and your movement speed is lowered when throwing them. However, you can restock the blades at lockers.

3. The Main Event

The Trickster has an additional ability that causes an ‘Event Meter’ to be filled up every time his blades hit someone, and when the meter is filled and you activate the ability – he can throw unlimited blades for a short period of time. And what makes it even better is that his movement speed is not slowed down either. You can cancel this anytime you want and it will reset the Event Meter to the beginning.

One more thing to note is that every time a survivor is hit by a blade, their ‘Laceration Meter’ increases and with 6 hits, they lose a ‘Health State’ which either injures them or places them in the dying state.

However, if they are not hit with any blade for some time, the ‘Laceration Meter’ will decrease. Lastly, attacking a survivor with a basic attack will decrease their ‘Laceration Meter’ too, so you have to stick to the throwing blades.

Trickster Gameplay Strategy

1. Map and Perk Awareness

The Trickster is a killer that works best if you have map awareness since his perk abilities are centered around exposing survivors, blocking their windows, and blocking their exits. You can’t take proper advantage of these things unless you know what places to go to every time a survivor makes a mistake.

Additionally, it’s important to try every perk out and see which one suits your playstyle the most even if you can have multiple of them at once after your Bloodweb has leveled up. Mixing things up is always fun, but knowing where your strength lies is very advantageous.

2. Practice the Throw

Unlike The Huntress, Trickster’s a bit… well, trickier, with his throwing blades. It’s not as simple as just throwing them around, as they do less damage, have a bit of a better range, and are much larger in number. You will need to understand how to properly use these abilities or else you won’t be able to make much use of them.

Fortunately, the Trickster is not very difficult to learn – but you will need to practice the throwing blades more than you think to truly master their effectiveness. Once you do, he’ll be one of the most effective killers that you can play as.

3. Divide and Conquer

The Trickster’s abilities allow for a lot of trial and error since how many things he can do at a time, and he’s not that slow either.

To top that off, as mentioned above, his abilities are mostly centered on blocking the survivors from reaching their goals. So, this means that he is very effective at jumping survivors and making them panic and run for their lives.

Thus, you should always try to pick the survivors off one by one and then proceed to make sure they’re not able to help each other out. The more isolated they are, the easier it will be to defeat them.

4. Add-Ons and Playstyles

We can only point you in the right direction – in the end, what works for you, will work for you. We recommend trying out all of the different Add-Ons as they can provide what you were missing from your killer and every playstyle is different, so trying out different ways to mess around with the survivors is always helpful too.

As we always say, there’s no ‘perfect way to play a game, so take what works for you from this guide and apply your own ideas to it afterward.

To sum everything in this guide up – the Trickster is a killer that is great at blocking survivors off if the player has proper map knowledge, and he can also make survivors panic with his special abilities since he can throw dozens of blades towards them, which will incapacitate them if the player lands their shots.

He’s easy to learn and not that difficult to master, so if he sounds like the killer that you’ve been looking for – then go ahead and give him a shot.

We hope that you found our gameplay guide for the Trickster from Dead by Daylight useful. And while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful Dead by Daylight guides too!

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