What Focus and Vitality Does in Elden Ring

What Does Focus and Vitality Do in Elden Ring?

When you’re battling the unforgiving creatures and demigods of the Lands Between, the last thing you want happening is sleeping or worse, dying.

If you didn’t know, players and enemies in Elden Ring can infect their targets with diseases such as Scarlet Rot, Frostbite, and Hemorrhage.

When you’re up against frenzied enemies, they can inflict Madness on you. Encountering bosses like the Deathbird or Wormface also makes you prone to the Death Blight effect, and things can get ugly pretty fast.

Status effects are illnesses that are activated once their buildup meters reach 100%. When the gauge is filled, it can disable the unwilling target from making attacks or drain their health over time.

Players can take many different remedies to mitigate them, such as taking boluses or casting healing spells. However, you can achieve the same by boosting your defense stats. 

If you want to know which defensive stats protect you from these illnesses, keep on reading!

What does Focus do in Elden Ring?

elden ring madness stat

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Focus is a defensive stat that makes you less susceptible to sleep and madness. When you’re under the sleep effect, enemies can take advantage of you and make critical attacks.

However, you don’t have to worry much as there aren’t many enemies that put you to sleep. On the other hand, madness can be inflicted by frenzied rats, villagers, soldiers, hooded trolls, and the Festering Fingerprint Vyke.

Madness gives your enemies higher ground as it takes away your health and focus points, rendering you unable to cast spells. However, all you (literally) need is focus. 

What does Vitality do in Elden Ring?

death blighted elden ring

Vitality is a defensive stat that makes you more resistant to Death Blight. When an enemy constantly attacks you with the death effect and fills your blight meter, you die instantly.

It can be extremely terrifying and anxiety-inducing when enemies cast this fatal effect, but thankfully, you can prevent this by increasing your vitality. 

So, how do I increase Focus and Vitality in Elden Ring?

Focus and Vitality are determined by your attributes, armor, equipment, and active-passive effects. 

The primary attribute that improves your focus is Mind. You can raise your Rune and Mind level by spending runes, the soft caps for each of them respectively are 71, 111, 161 for rune level, and 40 and 60 for mind level.

Focus per levelMind

The primary attribute that improves your vitality is Arcane. Similarly, you can spend runes to boost your Arcane. The soft caps are 71, 111, and 161 for the rune level and 15, 40, and 60 for the arcane level.

Vitality per levelArcane

If you want to add more Focus and Vitality, you can wear these armor sets. Wearing armor is a great way of improving your attributes as you don’t need to spend too much time farming and spending runes in the game.

In addition to that, they give you a lot of added points when worn.

elden ring focus and vitality

These are the best armor sets to use for Focus and Vitality:

Armor FocusVitality
Mushroom set214181
Fire Prelate set215120
Astrologer set201171
Deathbed set63263
Lusat’s set181209
Goldmask’s set169169
Azur’s Glintstone set165142
Snow Witch set146146
Spellblade set141 151
Veteran’s set110110
Corhyn’s Robe10776
Fia’s set105153
Lionel’s set100100

There are also shields and weapons that give you passive boosts to Focus and Vitality:

  • Rift Shield (+40 Focus)
  • Shield of the Guilty (+40 Focus)
  • Spiralhorn Shield (+50 Focus)
  • Pillory Shield (+50 Vitality)
  • Grave Scythe (+35 Vitality)

These are the talismans you can wear to increase Focus and Vitality:

  • Clarifying Horn Charm (+90/140 Focus)
  • Mottled Necklace (+40/60 Focus)
  • Prince of Death’s Pustule (+90 Vitality)
  • Prince of Death’s Cyst (+140 Vitality).

How to add Focus Points using Flasks

elden ring golden seed

You can also use the Flask of Cerulean Tears to raise your FP, which will help when you’re infected with Madness. They restore a certain amount of FP depending on the flask’s level.

To upgrade your flask, you’ll have to collect Golden Seeds. These golden seeds can be looted from enemies, specific areas, and purchased from merchants.

However, they are usually found everywhere in the Lands Between as they’re connected to the Erdtree. Just look for a small golden tree sapling and you can grab their seeds.

Flask of Cerulean Tears LevelFP restoredMin. Mind to accept all FP from one flaskMind for a flask to fill 3/4 FP


Whew, that was a lot. That’s pretty much all we can find about Focus and Vitality in Elden Ring. We hope that this guide helped you understand what these defense stats do, as there is so much to say about them.

If you’re aiming for a mage or bleed build, you’ll find yourself working on improving your Mind and Arcane, which ties into Focus and Vitality.

All it takes is preparation, that’s why we have plenty of guides related to Elden Ring that will guide you in your treacherous journey in the Lands Between.

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