Idle Champions Soft Caps & Max Level Cap Stats

Idle Champions Soft Caps & Max Level Cap Stats

Idle Champions is an excellent Dungeons & Dragons strategy game that puts all of your favorite D&D characters in one big adventure.

Though the game has an idle format, it offers many RPG elements for the player to indulge in, which include soft caps and max level caps for their character stats.

So, it’s important to know how far you should level a certain character up before you start to gain fewer rewards. And of course, there is a point when they will be almost on pause too.

What are Idle Champions’ soft caps and max level cap stats? And how useful is it to level up your characters past a certain point? Let’s answer all of these important questions in this guide!

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What is a Soft Level Cap in Idle Champions?

For people new to the genre, let’s shortly explain what soft caps in Idle Champions are.

When you level up your character, there is a certain point where the bonus for increasing their level is reduced. This is put in place to ensure that the game remains balanced and that players don’t become overpowered.

A simple example is that if the power increase you gained for leveling up to 30 is 500, it would be reduced to 200 after you level up further from that point on.

What is a Max Level Cap in Idle Champions

Exactly like soft level caps, the max level caps are also put in place by developers to prevent players from getting overpowered. 

So, if you gained a 200 power increase after leveling up, it will be reduced to 0 or something like 10 once the max level cap is reached.

Every Soft and Max Level Cap in Idle Champions

When it comes to describing the soft and max level cap stats in Idle Champions, it’s a bit of a complicated matter. Unlike games like Dark Souls, where only a few specific stats exist with level caps, Idle Champions is mainly about the characters. So, the soft caps and max level caps are directly tied to the character that you’re playing.

How it works is that there is a certain tier to which you can level up your characters and increase their stats. So, you receive a lot of increases in terms of different things like the basic damage output up to a certain point. And the level cap is not the same for every character.

Let’s say you level up a post-cap Asharra from 1070 to 2194. Then, if the basic damage output increased 9.81e225 at first, it will be decreased to 2.01e226

So, it’s all about keeping an eye on how good your bonuses are for leveling up the character. When the number keeps decreasing, you will easily notice that you’ve hit your champion’s soft and max level caps,

What can you do when you’ve reached the max level cap for your character’s attributes? It’s time to look elsewhere for power. Things such as Cores, Blessings, and Legendary Items can help you make your characters more powerful even after you’ve reached their soft and max level caps.


Thus, long story short, just keeps an eye on how much of an increase in things like damage output you’re receiving for leveling up your champions. When it’s no longer worth it, just start equipping legendary items for boosts instead.

That’s all that you need to know about the basics of Idle Champions’ soft and max level cap stats! We hope you found this guide helpful and while you’re still here, make sure to check out many of our other helpful guides too.

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