Elden Ring Silver Tear Mask Location (Stats & Build)

Elden Ring Silver Tear Mask Location, Stats, Build

Out of all the helms in Elden Ring, the Silver Tear Mask is the most underrated. Players often pass on getting this mask, understandably so, as it involves having to defeat multiple bosses in different locations.

Not many games offer fun and challenging ways to obtain items the way Souls games do. Personally, I think the challenge is worth taking as the Silver Tear Mask is a gorgeous helmet that has special protective qualities you shouldn’t miss out on. 

If you’re curious about what this mask does and where you can find it, this guide has everything you need to know about the Silver Tear Mask in Elden Ring!

What is the Silver Tear Mask In Elden Ring?

The Silver Tear Mask is a medium headpiece that doesn’t come with an armor set.

The material of this mask was taken from the dead body of a Silver Tear, a speechless but sentient silver blob that attacks players in close range with large spikes or surprises them by falling on them from ceilings.

elden ring silver tear mask

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These are cunning creatures, as some silver tears (known as Mimic Tears) can take on the forms of other living beings. This mask will increase your Arcane in exchange for a physical attack but it protects the head pretty well, making it an A-tier helm.

If you are using an Occult weapon, then this mask will increase your damage. On a side note, the Silver Tear Mask looks pretty amazing when paired with any metallic-looking armor. It bears a lot of resemblance to the Fingerprint Helm with its disfigured shape but is way better in terms of stats.

Damage NegationValue
VS Strike3.6
VS Slash3.8
VS Pierce3.1

Elden Ring Silver tear mask resistance stats


Silver Tear Mask Location

The Silver Tear Mask can be found in the depths of Eternal City. It can only be looted by defeating a boss called the Mimic Tear, and boy is this enemy fascinating.

The Mimic Tear boss is an enemy that imitates its opponent’s equipment and appearance, as well as any skills and spells they have. They can be found in two locations, but if you want to get the Silver Tear Mask, then you’ll have to travel to the Nokron region of Eternal City.  

Before you even go and attempt to find the Mimic Tear, you need to defeat two main story bosses first. We recommend that you fight Godrick the Grafted and Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. After that, you’ll need to defeat Starscourge Radahn to gain access to Nokron, Eternal City.

Here are the directions on how to get there:

  • Make your way to Altus Plateau and rest at any Site of Grace.
  • Travel to Caelid and use the teleporter to enter Redmane Castle.
  • Here, ascend the flight of stairs where you will hear NPC giving praise to General Radahn. Speak to him and tell him you are ready to face him.
  • You’ll now have to face Radahn and defeat him in this part.
  • After defeating Radahn, go to East Limgrave and enter the newly-opened hole that leads to Nokron. The hole can be found below Mistwood Ruins.
silver tear elden ring
  • Next, you’ll have to jump down multiple platforms on your horse until you reach an opening. Go through it and continue jumping down two more platforms and go straight into an open passage that leads you to Nokron.
elden ring silver tear mask stats
  • From the site of grace there, go east and run straight until you reach a flight of stairs. Go down the stairs and get past Silver Tears and get to a bridge that leads to a collapsed building.
elden ring silver tear mask location
  • There, you’ll find a boss wall. Enter it and a silver tear will appear in the middle. When you approach it, it’ll start to look a lot like your character. Not only will the Mimic Tear cosplay as you, but it will also equip the weapons, consumables, and spells you use a lot.
  • To defeat the Mimic Tear, you can cheese this boss out by entering the area with no armor and weapons, then re-equipping your items again.
  • You can also one-shot it from afar while it’s still in its slimy form. Still, where’s the fun in this? This enemy doesn’t respawn, so now’s your chance to see how powerful your character truly is in this mirror boss fight.
  • When defeated, the Mimic Tear will drop 2x Larval Tear and 1x Silver Tear Mask.

Silver Tear Mask Best Builds

Surprisingly, the Silver Tear Mask works perfectly well with bleed and arcane builds. The mask gives these types of builds a whopping +8 level increase, which almost cancels out the -10 damage reduction you get with this helmet.

Basically, you only get -2 weapon damage with the Silver Tear Mask if you have weapons scaling off arcane. Other players have noticed that while worn, the helm also gives an additional drop passive.

silver tear mask guide

If you want to change your weapon’s affinity to Blood or Occult, then you’ll need the Black Whetblade in order to do so. These are the weapons, armor, and equipment that go well with the Silver Tear Mask:

  • Rivers of Blood
  • Eleanora’s Poleblade
  • Uchigatana
  • Poleblade
  • Godskin Peeler
  • Ronin’s Armor and Greaves
  • Godrick Soldier Gauntlets
  • Mausoleum Knight Armor
  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman
  • Dragon Faith Incantation
  • And many more!

Just make sure they have a Bleed effect and scale off Arcane.


That’s everything you need to know about the Silver Tear Mask, from its history and location, to what builds it goes well with!

Getting this mask may not be easy, but the challenge is the best part of this game. You need to earn whatever you get in Elden Ring and it doesn’t hold your hand in the process.

Of course, we’re always here to help you whenever you’re stuck in a certain area or want to learn more about the world of Elden Ring. 

For more helpful guides on Elden Ring, check out our site, and stay tuned for more!

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