Does Getting Kicked Count As A Loss In CS:GO?

getting kicked in csgo

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is known for its fast-paced competitive matches, which involve teamwork allowing you to play with your friends. The third-person shooter set in the game is one of its most popular features.

The classic format in the gameplay involves one team each on attack and defense consisting of five players. The two teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists will battle it out to get a victory.

The terrorists try to plant a bomb and defend it until it explodes. On the other hand, counter-terrorists will try their best to kill the terrorists and diffuse the bomb. Whoever completes the objective first gets the victory. 

Sometimes this excruciating fun of battling it out with terrorists or counter-terrorists is ruined. It’s either by a group of hackers trying to cut the edge to win games or toxic teammates who can’t sustain themselves during a losing fight.

At times like these, you just want to quit the match or get kicked, as there is no point in playing the match anymore. 

There is one catch; leaving the match comes at its cost. Let’s look at the consequences you might face on getting kicked out of the match.

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Does getting a kicked count as a loss or win? 

When you are kicked from a match, and your team also ends up on the losing side, it will reflect as a loss on your rank. On the other hand, if your team wins after kicking you from the match, you will also get a win on your rank.

Let us warn you that getting kicked often in CS:GO can lead to a penalty. You might get a temporary ban. 

You are awarded ELO ranking points based on your performance in each round. The points are divided as per your performance in the match. You will not be rewarded with the ELO points when you don’t play the total number of rounds after getting kicked, even if the match is considered a win.

If you are kicked from competitive matches more often, you will receive a competitive cooldown.

If you are involved in kicking out your teammates, you are still subject to a cooldown. A system is in place to ensure the cooldown is issued only when the players are being kicked an excessive amount.

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