How to Get and Use Mod Components in Destiny 2

Use Mod Components in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has many different types of mods that are extremely useful to use and greatly expand the capabilities of your character and their weapons. The mods are not only separated by category and usefulness, but even the rarity of how difficult it is to obtain them as some of them are Legendary tier too.

To get mods, you need to usually buy them from Banshee-44 and H.E.L.M’s War Table – but it’s not possible through any currency aside from Mod Components.

If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 for a while, you’ll remember that mod components were much easier to find and commonly around. However, some of the later updates to the game changed things with an overhaul and thus the ways in which you can get mod components in Destiny 2 have been greatly reduced.

It can be a bit of a headache to figure out how you can still get mod components in the few ways that are still left, so we’ve created a guide that goes over every possible way to obtain them in Destiny 2 right now. So, let’s get started!

Every Method to Obtain Mod Components in Destiny 2

While several of the ways in which you could obtain mod components in Destiny 2, there are still multiple ones left even after a couple of them were removed. They are a total of three main ways and here are how you can get the currency through them:

Mod Components in Destiny 2

1. Dismantling Depreciated Mods

Recycling in Destiny 2 is just as important as recycling in real life. You might have noticed already even if you’re a new player that in your Modifications tab which can be accessed in the Inventory screen – several of your mods depreciate over time due to use.

The mods that are completely deprecated don’t have much of a use left, so it’s a great idea to make use of them the only way you can now, by dismantling them.

Once dismantled, the deprecated mods will provide players with a big number of mod components and if you’re a player who never paid attention to this part of the game, you’ll be rewarded generously. Such mods are usually items like the Paragon armor mods, Leviathan raid mods, and so on – so you know where to look.

2. Daily Gunsmith Bounties

Daily Gunsmith Bounties

The gunsmith called Banshee-44 sells players approximately four daily bounties and every single one of them provides you two mod components as the reward – which makes this one of the best and fastest ways of getting this currency.

The bounties are pretty easy and usually just ask you to kill a bunch of enemies and the best part is that if you have three characters, you can complete these quests multiple times over as a result which means you earn more mod components every day.

3. Dismantling Year 1’s Legendary Weapons

Another method with a bit of recycling, you can dismantle your legendary weapons from Year 1 of the game and they will grant you mod components when dismantled.

For some reason, any weapons that are newer do not grant mod components when dismantled, and armor from any year including Year 1 do not grant any mod components whatsoever either.

So, the only way you can get mod components by dismantling weapons is by dismantling Year 1 weapons specifically that are of the legendary rank. This method wouldn’t help newer players, but players who have been playing since the beginning – or took a break – will be able to make use of this for some quick mod currency.

And those are all three of the currently possible methods of gaining mod components in Destiny 2. Out of every method, the Daily Gunsmith Bounties one is the most effective since you don’t need to dismantle anything rare for it and even new players can partake in it.

But those who have things to give up and don’t mind doing so – they will have a headstart using methods 1 and 2.

We hope that you found this guide useful and while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides too!

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