How to Get Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter

How to Get Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter

Astral Diamonds are a very important currency in Neverwinter that every player needs regardless of whether they’re beginners or long-time fans.

Unlike Gold, it’s harder to get Astral Diamonds and they cannot be directly traded between players either – which creates a scarcity of them in the community.

But when there is a will, there is a way. Nevekerwinter does feature several ways of obtaining Astral Diamonds that should make them less of a rare currency for you. Not only that but there are also two different types of Astral Diamonds in the game which have slightly different methods of how you can obtain them.

So, let’s not waste any time and jump right into our quick guide on how to get Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter!

How to Get Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter

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Before we get started, let’s acknowledge the difference between the two Astral Diamond types.

First of all, we have the Rough Astral Diamonds which have to be refined before you can spend them. You can wait for the game to auto-refine them, or you can just manually refine them yourself from your inventory, which has a limit of 100,000 Astral Diamonds per day for an account.

Secondly, we have the normal Astral Diamonds which you can use as soon as you obtain them without any need to refine. Now, let’s talk about every method of obtaining them:

How to get Rough Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter

  • You can get roughly 800 to 13000 Rough Astral Diamonds from Dungeon Chests. How much you get depends on your luck and how much effort you put into the grind.
  • You can obtain Rough Astral Diamonds from random queues and this method is considered the primary and easiest method by the community.
  • Skirmish activities and Dungeons provide bonus Rough Astral Diamonds on each day that they are completed on a character. And so do other types of Daily Quests.
  • The Wanderer’s Treasures Insignia power gives players a chance to obtain Rough Astral Diamonds when an enemy is killed, which amounts to 150 Rough Astral Diamonds for level 70 enemies.

As mentioned, you need to refine the Astral Diamonds obtained through this method. Then, you can use them as you like!

How to get normal Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter

1. Buy from the auction house

The best way to get Astral Diamonds is to buy them from the Auction House. This is mainly done by trading with trusted players in the game, but there are some external sites with trusted middlemen too. You can get scammed sometimes, so make sure you do this carefully.

How this works is that players put high prices on things like potions, and then the other person buys them off them so that they can give each other a large number of Astral Diamonds.

And of course, the player getting the diamonds either pays the other person or gives them a different valuable item (such as those sold on the Zen Store) that they want.

2. Idols In Neverwinter

Idols, such as the Jeweled Idol, can be given to Rhix and they can give 40k to 50k each. Since you obtain them by spending Zen to open lockboxes, it depends on which lockbox you obtained the Jewel from in terms of how much you will be paid by them

3. Sell Zen

Lastly, you can sell Zen directly on the Astral Diamond Exchange to get some Astral Diamonds. The minimum exchange rate is 50 Astral Diamonds for 1 Zen and the maximum exchange rate is 750 diamonds for 1 Zen.

neverwinter astral diamonds

That’s everything that you need to know about how to get Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter, what types they come in, and how to refine them!

We hope that you found this guide useful and while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful Neverwinter guides too – such as how to get Enchanted Keys and how to get Zen Coins.

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