How to Get The Ace of Spades Catalyst in Destiny 2

Ace of Spades Catalyst in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has been out for several years and is filled with dozens of unique weapons that have their own advantages. However, some weapons consistently managed to be relevant irrespective of how much time has passed since the game’s release, and the Handcannons are one of them.

Among the pile of excellent Handcannons that are essentially multi-purpose weapons that you can use in most situations, we have the Ace of Spades which is one of the biggest fan-favorite weapons in the game.

And since it’s so special, it’s only natural that it’s not easy to obtain and takes a long list of takes to be completed until you finally get it.

It takes a while to figure out the exact steps and what are the best ways to complete them – so we’ve created a thorough guide to help you out with how to get the Ace of Spades Catalyst in Destiny 2. So, let’s get started!

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What is the Ace of Spades in Destiny 2?

Before we get into how you can get the Ace of Spades, let’s talk about what it is first for those looking for answers. It’s an exotic Handcannon which happens to be the rarest type of weapon type in the game and allows players to have many beneficial properties that you can’t find otherwise.

Exotic gear is usually found from Exotic Engrams and Xur, while Luminous Engrams occasionally drop it too. Lastly, some of them can only be gained by playing certain challenges and quests.

The Ace of Spades specifically is a fire-arm that has less range than a rifle but more than a shotgun and hits very hard every time you shoot someone with it.

It rewards precision greatly, so it’s something that players enjoy a lot since Destiny 2 is a game where you end up in close-quarters combat often. Now that we have what it is out of the way, let’s get right into how we can get it!

Ace of Spades in Destiny

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How to get the Ace of Spades Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Catalysts are items that are added to Exotic weapons, which causes them to be enhanced and Masterworked. You can only gain them through various activities and that’s why it’s not an easy feat to find them.

When it comes to the Ace of Spades Catalyst, it’s quite the grind to obtain it and it gives your gun the Funeral Pyre perk – which is very effective and worth the effort.

The only way to obtain the Ace of Space Catalyst is to play a lot of Strike and Crucible matches. A fortunate thing is that it drops in your earlier matches rather than having a requirement of how many matches you have to play. However, it can still take a lot of matches to be played and most players report that it took them a few weeks to finally get the necessary drops.

How to get the Ace of Spades Catalyst in Destiny 2

The only way to have a better chance is to play higher level and more difficult matches, but you’ll still need to be good at finishing the rounds rather than losing them. When you finally get the Catalyst, you need to apply it to your gun and then you can charge it with 500 kills.

Once charged, it will become Masterworked and generate orbs every time you get multiple kills at once.

And of course – the main prize here is getting the Funeral Pyre ability which will allow you to deal extra damage every time that Memento Mori is active.

Considering the fact that it’s already a great perk that allows you to deal extra damage right after you reload your magazine, it’s extremely advantageous to have an ability that makes those fires even stronger.

It does require precision, but people with so many kills and playtime with Handcannons are used to being accurate anyway – so worry about nothing and just enjoy your murderous adventures.

And that’s all for our guide on what the Ace of Spades is, what Catalysts are, and how you can get them. We hope that you found it helpful and have already started your journey into gaining them – and while you’re here, don’t forget to check out some of our other gaming guides too.

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