What Does Eternal Spirit Do in Skyrim?

What Does Eternal Spirit Do in Skyrim

Dragonborns in the world of Skyrim are born with many talents, they can absorb the souls of slain dragons, learn, and perform immensely powerful Dragon Shouts.

Also known as Thu’um in Dragon language, dragon shouts are basically spells that create magical effects when spoken, usually to attack enemies. However, some shouts also have the ability to grant defensive properties.

One such shout is the Feim Zii Gron or Become Ethereal. This dragon shout transforms your character into an ethereal form, in which you can’t deal nor take damage from attacks, falls, or poison.

The first word you learn from the Become Ethereal dragon shout is the Feim or Fade, which gives you the Eternal Spirit ability.

This guide covers everything you need to know about Eternal Spirit in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, from what it does, when you should use it in combat, to where you can get it in the game.

So, what does Eternal Spirit do in Skyrim?

Eternal Spirit do in Skyrim

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When you first meet Paarthunax in the main quest, he gives you the choice to meditate on any of these three shouts: Fus, Feim, and Yol. Many players choose the iconic Fus as part of the Unrelenting Force shout, while some pick Yol to get fire-breathing powers so that they can feel like dragons themselves.

But if you’ve chosen Feim or Fade, then you’re going to get the Eternal Spirit ability. Eternal Spirit gives you the ability to regenerate your health 25% faster while you’re in Ethereal form.

This ability protects you from almost any kind of damage with the exception of Sovngarde’s lightning, damage from light in Twilight Sepulcher, or damage from darkness in Filament and Filigree and The Sallow Regent

Feim only gives you 8 seconds of ethereal form, while Feim Zii gives you 13 seconds, and learning the complete shout gives you 18 seconds of ethereal form. This ability can only be seen on the Active Effects menu while you’re under the effects of the Become Ethereal shout.

This means that if the time limit passes, you are no longer under Eternal Spirit. Likewise, if you interact with your surroundings, be it a chest, fighting someone, or starting a conversation with an NPC, the effects of the shout including Eternal Spirit will also stop working.

You’ll have to wait until the shout is recharged to activate this ability again.

When should I use Eternal Spirit

When should I use Eternal Spirit?

Eternal Spirit is great to use when you’re trying to bypass traps or jump down from heights without taking any damage. Just take note that you can’t perform the shout midair, you’ll need to activate it before jumping off a cliff.

Although attacking someone turns the effects of Eternal Spirit off, the ability can still be useful during combat. If you’re outnumbered, you can use this shout to safely regenerate your health, stamina, and magicka.

Plus, you can run away without losing stamina! While you’re under Eternal Spirit, you can use it to aim at your targets or summon atronachs to fight for you without getting damaged or staggered.

You can also deal some damage while in Ethereal form without directly attacking opponents by casting a cloak spell (such as Flame Cloak) before using the dragon shout.

The duration of Eternal Spirit is also long enough to protect you from a dragon’s breath attack, which helps if you’re unable to take cover or run away.

Another cool perk of this shout is that it gives visual effects similar to the night vision abilities of the Khajiit (Night Eye) and vampires (Vampire’s Sight), which also helps if you’re trying to get through a dark area. 

How to Get Eternal Spirit In Skyrim

How to Get Eternal Spirit In Skyrim

As mentioned before, the Eternal Spirit ability can be obtained when you meditate on Feim with Paarthunax. You meet him early on in the game if you follow the main quest and take the steps to High Hrothgar, where the Greybeards teach you how to use your voice.

Once you’ve done your initial training and retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller from Ustengrav, one of the Greybeards will teach you the Clear Skies shout before you attempt to get to the Throat of the World, where Paarthunax resides.

If you successfully reach the top of the mountain, a wise old dragon will approach you and talk to you. This is Paarthunax, the master of the Greybeards. He will gift you a shout and encourage you to use it against him.

After that, you can start a conversation with him and ask him questions about the elder scrolls and story of Alduin’s downfall. 

Choosing the “You’re the Master of the Greybeards. Do others come here to train?” dialogue option will prompt him to talk about meditating on Words of Power. The different Words of Power are Fus, Feim, and Yol. Paarthunax also tells you a brief description of each word.

Once you’ve asked him what each word does, you can tell him that you wish to meditate on a Word of Power, and Paarthunax will ask you which word you wish to learn.

When you select Feim, Paarthunax will give you Eternal Spirit once he’s done Once you’re in Ethereal form, press Tab to open your Character’s Menu and navigate to Magic. Go to Active Effects and scroll down until you find Eternal Spirit.


Alright, that’s all we can say about Eternal Spirit in Skyrim. It may not be as aggressive as the abilities you get from Fus or Yol, but having a few seconds of rest during tough situations can literally be a lifesaver.

If you’ve already meditated on those two words, this might be a sign for you to finally try this out.

We also have other guides on Elder Scrolls if you’re interested in learning about the world of Skyrim and the different tips and tricks you can use to make your gameplay experience more fun.

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