The Best Dark Souls 3 Strength Weapons (2023)

Dark Souls 3 Strength weapons

There are several different types of builds in Dark Souls 3 that cater to different types of gameplay needs. It’s no surprise that the game has so much variety to offer considering the fact that it’s the last game in the original trilogy.

Not only is it a part of a great series of video games, but it also has to live up to the expectations set forth by the previous Dark Souls titles.

Whether it’s in terms of the weapon upgrades, the player builds and attributes, and the elemental types that weapons often have to provide increased damage – Dark Souls 3 is brimming with freedom within gameplay and that makes it one of the most replayable games in the souls-like genre.

While the other builds in the game offer several advantages and fun gameplay mechanics, the Strength build has its own pleasures since you are able to unleash your fury upon every demon that comes in your way, big or small with no complexity attached.

Naturally, it can take quite a while to figure out which Strength weapons in Dark Souls 3 are the best ones, especially since there are so many of them.

Dark Souls 3 Strength Weapons Tier List

We’ve created a thorough guide of the 10 best Dark Souls 3 Strength weapons that you can add to your build for the best performance and damage potential possible in the game. We’re also combining both solo and online capabilities in one ideal list, so you don’t have to read two separate guides either.

1. Splitleaf Greatsword

Splitleaf Greatsword

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It’s not easy to take the number one spot on a list that is specifically about strength due to how many powerful weapons exist in the game – but there’s a good reason why this weapon is up here. It has very high damage and provides both speed and long-range at once, which is a great advantage for the player.

Not only is it a very good weapon that does 546 damage at 60 strength and can be expanded even further with the right magic items – it’s great for crowd control too as one of its attacks allows you to swing it over your head that controls a bit of an area-of-impact.

The only catch is that this weapon is a part of a DLC and is purchased by the Stone-humped Hag – so you can’t get it early on.

2.  Exile Greatsword

Exile Greatsword

Greatswords are always a good choice for builds that include an emphasis on strength.

However, the curved ones are even better as they’re a bit more agile too alongside providing great damage potential. The Exile Greatsword has a physical attack of 273 and can be expanded with the right updates and items.

It’s one of the weapons that are great for both PvE and PvP gameplay modes due to how it allows you to be agile and damaging at the same time, which gives you an immediate advantage over people with weapons that focus on only one of these things at a time.

3. Great Club

Great Club

You might have expected to see something fancier here, but the Great Club is a weapon overlooked by players who like form over function.

It does not require dexterity to be used and just needs 28 strength points. It has a total of 281 physical damage that can be buffed immensely, later on, making it one of the strongest weapons in the game.

While there are better weapons to be found out there with similar qualities, the best thing about the Great Club is the fact that you can even acquire it rather early on in Dark Souls 3.

4. Vordt’s Hammer

Vordt’s Hammer

You might not expect much of the Vordt’s Hammer considering the fact it’s acquired after beating one of the earliest bosses in the game – but there’s more here than meets the eye.

It has really good damage which is a given when it comes to using a hammer, and it causes elemental damage too since it’s an ice-related weapon.

It’s great for use in the first half of the game without any upgrades and it’s one of the better weapons for PvP too considering the fact Frostbite ends up being a great advantage.

But you should be warned, it won’t do much against experienced veteran gamers due to its predictability.

5. Yhorm’s Great Machete

Yhorm's Great Machete

It’s not every day that you see a machete on a top Dark Souls 3 weapons list, but the Yhorm’s Great Machete is too good to ignore.

It has physical damage of 338 which is insanely massive for base statistics on any weapon in the game. And if you use it dual-handed, you can get 707 AR damage which sounds unbelievable until you try it for yourself.

It’s not very good for combos but if you’re fine with strategizing your attacks, it’s a great choice and might even be particularly useful for no-damage runs.

6. Millwood Greatbow

Millwood Greatbow

If you don’t like melee weapons and enjoy the gameplay being a bit different from what everyone is usually accustomed to – the Millwood Greatbow is a great long-ranged choice. It comes with a physical attack damage output of 242, which is great for a long-ranged bow weapon.

It’s a very rewarding weapon to use if you’re willing to learn how to use it efficiently.

7. Spiked Mace

Spiked Mace

Maces are one of the deadliest weapons that you can find in Dark Souls 3 and real-life alike. It has an attack power of 556 at 60 strength and that insanely large number of damage output can be further enhanced with the use of upgrades.

It is one of the most combo-friendly weapons that you can find in the game, so it works very well in terms of combos too which is rare for a weapon with such a heavy number of damage points.

So, if you want to be powerful and stylish in both PvE and PvP gameplay – this is what you need.

8. Longsword


Move over-complicated weapons, sometimes you just need something simple that does its job efficiently.

If you need an excellent weapon early on in the game, this weapon will give you great company as it has a base physical attack damage of 203 and can be upgraded further with both normal items and elemental attacks that make your attacks far better.

Since it’s a simple longsword, it allows your defense, offense, and agility all in one – which works greatly in smaller-scale PvP too.

9. Man Serpent Hatchet

Man Serpent Hatchet

Something that particularly powerful weapons usually have is a lack of agility and defense. The Man Serpent Hatchet breaks the rules by offering a high physical damage output of 220 that can be upgraded further to a great degree.

It allows the player to move freely and execute cool combos without compromising on the damage as its heavy attacks are very good.

However, it’s something that you can only obtain much later on in the game and that too in a secret zone called Archdragon Peak. It’s certainly worth the effort though.

10. Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

No, we’re not going to end this list without including a dual-wielded weapon. Whether it’s guns or swords, the act of dual-wielding a weapon is always going to be one of the coolest things in fiction.

Fortunately, the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords have an outrageously big number of physical damage which is 322, and elemental fire damage of 20 as well.

It’s a great weapon for PvE and does a decent job in PvP too – although the former is more effective against enemies who are weak to fire. It also provides additional boosts for Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Faith – which is a welcome addition to an already excellent weapon to use. And of course, it’s very stylish.

And that’s it for our list of the top 10 best Dark Souls 3 Strength weapons! We hope that you found the best weapons for your strength builds and we’re here to answer any questions that you might have.

And while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides too.

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