NBA 2K22 Best Shooting Badges (Current Gen)

NBA 2k22 Best Shooting Badges

The worldwide release of NBA 2K22 on September 10th has many fans enthralled all over the globe. While many were expecting a major overhaul in the game mechanics, EA decided to give a new look only to the dunk meter and the rest of the shooting mechanics are similar to that of NBA 2K21.

Similar to NBA 2K21, players will have to collect a range of shooting badges in NBA 2K22 as well to pull off specific shooting skills. Many new shooting badges were introduced in the new yearly edition of the NBA.

To perform various shooting skills in different game modes like MyCareer or MyNBA, players will need to possess the shooting badge of that specific skill. Today we’ll take a look at the best shooting badges you can get your hands on in NBA 2K22.

The game gets better and better as the developers add more realism to it, EA has strived to make NBA 2K22 as real as possible. In their efforts, they introduced a total of 17 new shooting badges that will offer skills that previously seemed impossible to pull off. 

Best Finishing Badges In NBA2K22

Players who are grinding to build a MyPLAYER to play competitively will face more challenges if they do not have the right badges. Let’s get started with our very first shooting badge of NBA 2K22.

1. Blinders

The Blinders shooting badge will allow jump shots that are taken while a defender is closing out in the peripheral vision to suffer a lower penalty in the game. 

The badge is a great addition to players who take a lot of corner shots as a shooting guard. With the Blinders shooting badge, you will have a better chance of making the shot while a defender is closing out. This badge will be an S-tier badge only if you can level it up to the Hall Of Fame.

2. Mismatch Expert

Mismatch Expert is the perfect shooting badge for smaller players and will work like a charm with the Playmaking Shot Creator Build. This is one of the shooting badges that were patched during the NBA 2K22 update. 

The player who possesses the Mismatch expert shooting badge in NBA2K22, will have a better chance of making the shot while shooting over a taller defender. 

The most important thing about the Mismatch Expert badge is that only the players with a height lower than 6’4” are eligible for the shooting badge. We recommend leveling up the badge as much as you can for better results, Gold Hall Of Fame would be ideal. 

3. Sniper

Without any doubt, Sniper is probably the shooting badge you can get your hands on. When you equip the Sniper shooting badge to your MYPLAYER, it allows you to take jump shots with slight early or late timing to receive a boost. Usually, early or late shots will receive a bigger penalty.

You can take the most advantage of this shooting badge as you get consistent with slight early or late shots, to help yourself you can take help of the right jump shot animation in NBA 2K22.

You can even use the Sniper shooting badge at bronze level or you can also level it up to Hall Of Fame for greater shooting advantages in NBA 2K22. When you upgrade the badge, you will notice about a 3-5% increase in making. 

The above shooting badges will definitely help you out in developing your NBA game and take most of your team.

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