How to Get to Desolace Alliance In WoW

Get to Desolace In WoW

World of Warcraft Classic is filled with many different places to go to in its large map and a lot of them have great things to do in them.

Desolace is one of these places and has a lot of gold for any race to find, which can be a great head-start financially in the game. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to locate the place because navigation in World of Warcraft Classic can be a bit confusing – especially since different races start at different points.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you grind a lot of gold so we’ve created a thorough guide of how you can go to Desolace in World of Warcraft Classic so that you don’t have to get lost yourself while trying to find it.

The reason it’s only a place people like going to in Classic is because it’s not nearly as helpful for players in the subsequent updates of the game, so that’s why this guide covers only the one that matters. So, let’s get started!

What is Desolace?

Before we get into how to go there, let’s talk a little about its background first so that those who don’t know already can know what we’re talking about.

Desolace is a land you can visit on the west coast of Kalimdor and it’s pretty much just a wasteland that consists of centaurs and lots of gold. There are settlements in the place that are sort of neutral since no one faction holds it, and aside from the grinding, there are places you can visit for fun too such as the Thunder Axe Fortress.

Now that we have the purpose of the place out of the way, let’s get into how you can actually visit it.

Get to Desolace In WoW

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How to get to Desolace Alliance

World of Warcraft Classic lacks some of the methods of traveling that the later versions and expansions added to the game, so getting to Desolace will be a particularly slow task.

Since different races in the game spawn in different points and have a few differences in gameplay as well, the method of how you can get to Desolace will be stated separately for each of them.

1. Gnomes and Dwarves

You will first have to go to Ironforge and from there on you have to walk out of the place and head towards east, then north and to the Wetlands.

If you keep following the road towards the west from here you will find the Menethil Harbor – and from here on you can take two boats towards the Auberdine in Darkshore. Now you have to head south towards the Charred Vale in Stonetalon and Desolace is towards the south side.

2. Night Elves

You will most likely be around either Asheville or Stonetalon Mountains, so you can head towards the south side through Charred Veil similarly to the last step of Gnomes and Dwarves and Desolace is to the south side of the place. It’s a short journey thanks to the general placement of the Night Elves.

3. Horde

The Horde races have to go towards the Undercity Zeppelin and from there they have to go to Origimmar at the end of their trail. From there, they have to follow the road towards the south and go into the west Barrens.

From there, they have to head northwest towards the Stonetalon Mountains and then it is similar to others as they have to go northwest to the road that connects the southwest path to Charred Vale. There, heading towards the west will lead to Charred Vale as with other races.

4. Humans

Once the Human players have leveled up enough to reach Stormwind, they simply have to head towards the Dwarven District. From there, they have to take the Deeprun Tram towards Ironforge, and then walk out of Ironforge towards the east.

From there they have to head north towards the Wetlands and follow the road all the way to the western edge where they can find the Menethil Harbor.

Here, they have to take the northern boat towards Auberdine in Darkshore and then get to the south end of the Charred Veil. From there, Desolace is just further down south.

That’s how every race can get to Desolace in World of Warcraft Classic!

We hope that you found this guide helpful and will be earning a lot of gold right after reading this. If you have any questions, let us know and don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful guides too.

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