Ash’s Lucario to mega evolve in the Pokemon Journey’s anime

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Pokemon journeys anime was a kind of reboot for the main series of the anime. It had Ash showing up in a completely new region based on the latest Pokemon game. Here he meets with a new character who stays with him throughout his journey.

The anime has shown Ash and his companion traveling in all different regions he once was, but there is continuity here, which is not clear yet. Regardless of that, Ash meets up with his old Pokemon from all the different regions.

He even manages to capture a fan favorite, Dragonite for once. With this, he also captures a Riolou which is another fan favorite. And this riolu just might mega evolve!

Mega Evolution in the Pokemon Journeys anime!

Recently images of new Pokemon merch leaked on the internet showing a whole set of pokemon. The pokemon included a Gigantamax Charizard and a Mega Lucario!

Whenever a new event happens in the anime, some new merch drops to get the fans hyped up for the show. The same happened when Ash caught his Dragonite and the Riolu. The merch came out before he actually caught them. Hence these merch drops hint towards Lucario getting a mega evolution in the anime!

It only makes sense to mega evolve in the anime, as the new 4th generation remakes are coming out this year, they might have mega evolution. And the company might be getting us hyped up before the games come out.

The 4th generation games are regarded as some of the best in the entire series, this is the game where Lucario was first introduced. Ash getting a Riolu was a great moment as fans had been waiting for Ash to get a fan favorite pokemon, and when it mega evolves it will surely break the internet!

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