Red Dead Redemption 3 Updates: The Story So Far

Red Dead Redemption 3 Updates

Undoubtedly, Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 are great video games to play of all time as the game belongs to the world’s best gaming studio “Rockstar Games,” the creator of the GTA Series.

After both titles, people worldwide expect the third installment in the series of Red Dead Redemption and fabulous new features and a smooth gameplay experience. 

In this article, you will get all answers to your question and know when the game will be released. Before starting, you should remember that the developers release no official statement regarding the game; therefore, believing in rumors floating across the net wouldn’t be great. 

Is Red Dead Redemption 3 under development?

It would be too hurry to say that the game is under development and will release in upcoming years as developers have made no official statement; therefore, expecting the release this year or upcoming year is almost impossible; however, it could be released in 2025 or 2026 following the rumors floating across the web. 

Almost everyone knows that developers are working on the Remaster version of Red Dead Redemption 1, but the release date isn’t confirmed yet; meanwhile, the confirmation of Red Dead Redemption wasn’t made.

Based on the information we have, it’s pretty easy to verify that Rockstar Games won’t start work on Red Dead Redemption 3 before the release of RDR1 Remaster.

When will RDR3 be Released? 

As mentioned above, it’s a mystery because no traces were found about Red Dead Redemption 3 regarding its development and release.

It’s exciting to know the 8-year gap between the release of Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2.

After the release, Rockstar Games slowed the production, and if we follow the gap, Red Dead Redemption 3 will be released somewhere in 2026.

Red Dead Redemption 3 Story 

Landon Ricketts is the front-runner in the story; however, he wouldn’t stray far away from the template that Arthur Morgan and John Marston set.

Without any doubt, Ricketts is another gunslinger whose plot wasn’t unfolded yet in the game; therefore, we can expect to meet old Landon Ricketts in Red Dead Redemption 3. 

Besides, Charles Smith is another popular character that can be introduced in the upcoming series as the protagonist. Aside from that, Charles was one of the most popular characters in RDR2, where his story unfolds that Charles was born to a family where his mother was a Native American. At the same time, the father was an African American, and he found his way into the Dutch gang. 

Besides, many major parts need to be unfolded in the upcoming title. The introduction of Charles as the main protagonist may eliminate the touch of the Gunslinger trope, and it may welcome the new routes to new audiences.

The chances of getting a new protagonist in RDR3 are high as the game closes the door on the story of Marston. Apart from that, Arthur Morgan can make his return to the game if a prequel is expected to be released where the series could work in reverse by throwing you back in time. 

Red Dead Redemption 3 – Setting

Although the game isn’t released yet, it can be imagined how the player could play out and where. If we talk about setting, assuming that the game will return to Mexico could be assumable. Unfortunately, that would also mean no major changes would make.

Since the first title of GTA was released in fictional London, and after Peaky Blinders’ efforts to make people aware of Birmingham, it seems Rockstar will set the game in the United Kingdom.  

Besides, the expecting setting could be a Native American Theme in the Red Dead Redemption 3; however, South America can also be included. At the same time, the setting would be almost similar to previous titles, albeit with a different theme. 

Red Dead Redemption 3 PC Version

No earlier Red Dead Redemption games were released for PC, but players are expecting that the third installment will be set to release on PC, too.

However, keeping the previous installments in mind, the game will keep its tradition of releasing the game only for gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. 

Is Red Dead Redemption Coming this year? 

Not Rockstar Games didn’t make any statement yet; however, people assume it will be released in 2026.

This is because Rockstar Games is busy developing another title, and Comicbook has reported the release of Red Dead Redemption is coming, but when they don’t know.

So, it has been confirmed that we won’t see any announcement before 2026 if we see the pattern developers have used to release their Red Dead Redemption titles. 

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