How to Make Purple Dye in Ark: Survival Evolved

How to Make Purple Dye in Ark: Survival Evolved

Weapons, armor, and saddles are an important part of Ark: Survival Evolved and every player has to use them at some point.

But it’s not always just the usefulness of the tool that matters – you can customize how they look to your preferences too. After all, the way that your clothes and tools look says a little bit about you, so it’s always a good idea to put your favorite colors on them.

The best way to change the look of weapons, armor, and saddles in Ark is to use dye coloring. And one of the most iconic colors that we all know, and love is Purple. Different colors require different combinations of things in the game, so knowing how to make each color can take some time.

So, for everyone who loves this elegantly stylish color, we’re here to explain how to make Purple Dye in Ark: Survival Evolved!

How to make Purple Dye in Ark Survival Evolved

Since Ark: Survival Evolved is a game about survival and is a bit of a simulation game, you need all-natural resources to create the color. Let’s go over the ingredients that you need to create Purple Dye in Ark!

  • 2x Charcoal (You need either 2x Wood or 2x Fungal Wood to create Charcoal if you don’t have it already)
  • 9x Tintoberry
  • 9x Azulberry
  • 1x Water (water is not required if you use an Industrial Cooker).

Once you have all the ingredients, you have to decide what you will use to cook the color.

As mentioned above, you won’t need water if you use an Industrial Cooker. But if you use a Cooking Pot, you can carry water in something like a Waterskin or a filled Water Jar.

Once you’ve got all the ingredients, it’s time to cook. Place all the ingredients in the Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker and then once that’s done, you’ll have Purple Dye in Ark: Survival Evolved!

One thing to know, if you’re a complete beginner, that the required station for performing this task is the Campfire. And it takes a total of 10 seconds to craft color.

The Purple Dye, also known as Purple Coloring, can be used as a way to color many things in the game. For example, armor, saddles, and weapons can be colored using the dye. But that’s not all, as it can be applied to a Paintbrush and a Spray Painter to paint Structures and Creatures.

So, it’s not just about customizing your character and tools, as even other objects in the game can be colored using Purple Dye.

How to Make Purple Dye in Ark: Survival Evolved Mobile

The method of making Purple Dye in Ark: Survival Evolved Mobile is a bit different from the other versions of the game.

What you need here is the Dye Studio, which is used to craft colors in the Mobile version of Ark: Survival Evolved. You can buy it from the Mobile Store for 20x Ancient Amber, which is a rare resource.

Once you obtain the Dye Studio, you need 40x Extracts and then you’re good to go as you can choose to create the Purple Dye.

We hope that you found this guide helpful and are already on your way to making some Purple Dye in Ark: Survival Evolved!

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