Ark: Survival Evolved Best Rifles 2023 (Ranked)

Ark: Survival Evolved Best Rifles 2022

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game all about surviving in a harsh land filled with hostile players and creatures. And even though weapons like knives and spears are helpful, you’re not really looking after yourself unless you have a great gun with you.

When it comes to great guns, you always have to appreciate the power and firing rate of rifles in Ark: Survival Evolved. There are multiple rifles in Ark that you can unlock, and they all require a different player level to be used.

However, not all rifles are created equal and some of them are better than the others in the game. And it helps to know which ones are better because it takes too much time and effort to obtain all of them yourself.

So, we’re going to save you time with our ranked guide for Ark: Survival Evolved best Rifles in 2022! Let’s get started.

Ark: Survival Evolved Best Rifles Ranked

The things that we have to take into account when we rank Rifles in Ark: Survival Evolved are fire rate, the power of each hit, and how accessible the weapon is.

1. Longneck Rifle

The Longneck Rifle

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The Longneck Rifle is the simplest rifle in Ark, but it’s also the best one for many reasons. First of all, it’s available very early in the game as soon as you reach Level 35, and requires only 18 Engram Points. It’s not that complicated to craft, and it has very accurate shots.

Its drawback is that it can only shoot one shot before the reload, but if you use it correctly, you’ll have enough time to do that. It has 196 damage per bullet (on creatures, higher for humans), which is one of the highest damage-per-shot that you can inflict in the game.

And of course, it can be equipped with Tranquilizer Dart and Pheromone Dart too, as well as a Scope Attachment. It’s an all-rounder gun that every player needs.

2. Tek Rifle

The Tek Rifle is easily the second-best rifle in the game. It shoots explosive plasma bolts at a quick rate of fire and has an advanced infrared zoomable scope that is very useful in combat and against enemies.

What makes it even better is that it does not need to be reloaded, you just have to make sure that you don’t overheat it.

The reason it’s number 2 despite being so useful is that its damage is slightly lower than the Longneck Rifle and it’s very difficult to unlock as you need to defeat many different beasts to obtain the Tekgram, which you need to learn to utilize this weapon.

And of course, its ingredients aren’t the easiest to come across either.

But once you’re high level enough and can unlock the weapon, it will most likely become your go-to Rifle since it’s one of Ark’s best Rifles.

3. Assault Rifle

assault rifle ark survival evolved

You can’t go wrong with an Assault Rifle in any game, and it’s one of Ark: Survival Evolved’s best Rifles too. It’s just that it’s not as useful as the first two because it’s more of a generic weapon.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad, however, as it requires Level 58 and 24 Engram Points. And the ingredients aren’t that complex either, so you should craft it whenever possible.

But it has a lot of recoil, the Flashlight Attachment is not very effective with the gun, and you might not be able to deal too much damage with it if you miss half your shots, since its damage rate is similar to a Fabricated Pistol.

Whereas a single shot from the Tek Rifle and Longneck Rifle deal a lot of damage – thus they’re higher on the list.

4. Fabricated Sniper Rifle

Fabricated Sniper Rifle

The Fabricated Sniper Rifle is a bit similar to a Longneck Rifle but has lesser damage per shot. Since it has a rapid-fire rate, the lesser damage shouldn’t be much of a problem in general.

But given the fact that you need to be Level 83 to use this weapon, 36 Engram Points, and tons of ingredients – it’s just not worth the effort, and players would benefit more from a Longneck Rifle instead.

It’s also worth noting that since all creatures aside from humans take only 70% of the max damage from a gun, its total damage drops to 115. So, it’s just one of the weaker weapons in Ark: Survival Evolved and the least useful rifle despite its advanced appearance and name.

That’s it for our ranking of the best Rifles in Ark: Survival Evolved! We hope that you found this guide useful and have made up your mind on which rifle you’ll use in the game going forward. 

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