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lol aram build runes guide

League of Legends is an online arena game that provides you with more than 140 champions to help you team up with your friends and defeat other teams to win the match.

It is a competitive game that features a leaderboard, and you can win matches to reach the top of the leaderboard and show the LOL community with you are capable of.

Seraphine is an easy champion for beginners, all thanks to her area of effect damage. To boost up her stats in ARAM, this article features some of the best Seraphine runes and builds but first, what is ARAM in LOL?

ARAM Mode In LoL Explained

All Random All Mid or ARAM is a mode in the league of legends that features ten players, five on each team, with the objective to destroy the enemy nexus.

Players don’t have the option to choose their champion, and the game automatically allots champions to all participants randomly. 

You will receive gold coins based on how many kills you have, and consecutive kills increase the number of gold coins. There is a champion bench for each team, and players have the option to swap champions from the available choices.

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Seraphine ARAM Guide

The passive ability of Seraphine, known as the Stage Presence, features two different components. The first component is called Echo, which can double the third ability cast, while the second component is called harmony.

With the perfect spell pattern, you can increase your chances of winning a battle by more than fifty percent. 

Harmony provides all the nearby allies with notes when you attack an enemy. The second component also increases the range of your attacks and boosts up the damage you can deal with magic attacks.

The ARAM is strictly a team-based mode, so the passive ability of Seraphine and its second component specifically benefit the whole team. 

By combining the Echo and the first high note, you can finish an enemy by dealing damage based on the remaining health of the enemy. Get your hands on a shield with the surround sound ability, and it heals your teammates if you have already equipped a shield. 

Spam all the seraphine abilities to activate the echo ability and the surround sound ability when you need it the most. For crowd control, Seraphine uses the third ability known as the beast drop.

It starts with slowing down enemies before rooting them and eventually stunning them when they are rooted.  

You can help your teammates by slowing or rooting a target for them, as well as they can root or slow a target for you so you can stun it. The encore can damage, charm, and slow an enemy, all at the same time, making it her ultimate ability. It receives a range boost when you hit an enemy champion with it. 

Best Seraphine ARAM Build

Start with the tear of the goddess, the amplifying tome, Ionian boots of lucidity, and the protobelt enchant. Upgrade the tear of the goddess into the archangel’s staff to spam any ability as many times as you want without worrying about mana at all. 

Along with the archangel’s staff, this build also requires two more core items, including Luden’s Echo and the Rabadon’s Death cap. The complete build will feature the archangel’s staff, Awakened Soul stealer, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Ionian boots of lucidity, the Rabadon’s Death cap, and the Luden’s Echo. 

Swipe the Luden’s Echo and the Rabadon’s Death cap with the Harmonic Echo and the Athene’s Unholy Grail to bring a variation to the above-mentioned build. This swapping will increase your chances of winning by fifty percent. 

Best Seraphine Summoner Spells

  • Flash
  • Clarity

Flash may teleport your champion to a particular distance keeping the cursor’s location in mind, while Clarity may help you restore up to 50% Mana, as well as restore allies for 25% of the Max Mana. 

  • Exhaust

It comes with a win rate of up to 58% and exhausts your target while reducing their Move Speed by up to 30%. Furthermore, the champions can deal damage by 40% for three seconds. 

  • Heal
  • Mark
  • Barrier.
LoL Seraphine items build

Seraphine Item Build

Seraphine Item BuildPick RateWin Rate
Starter ItemsHealth Potion, Health Potion, Lost Chapter34.81%14,63752.88%
Health Potion, Tear of the goddess, Bandleglass Mirror26.53%11,15556.67%
Recommended BuildMoonstone Renewer, Chemtech Putrifier, Staff of Flowing Water7.91%2,70456.07%
Moonstone Renewer, Chemtech Putrifier, Archangel’s Staff6.76%2,30957.3%
Moonstone Renewer, Archangel’s Staff, Chemtech Putrifier5.35%1,82956.15%
Liandry’s Anguish, Demonic Embrace, Morellonomicon3.88%1,32452.11%
Moonstone Renewer, Chemtech Putrifier, Ardent Censer2.91%99356.5%
BootsIonian Boots of Lucidity62.50%26,08056.28%
Sorcerer’s Shoes34.41%14,35952.04%
Mercury’s Treads2.05%85551.35%

Best Seraphine Runes 

Runes are crucial for any build-in, LOL, and the same is the case with Seraphine champion.

For the first rune, Aery is a solid choice because it provides a consistent damage boost along with the additional shield effect. 

The brutal rune also increases the penetration and damage-dealing effect of Seraphine.

For better sustainability in battles, you can also go with the regeneration rune. If you want to use more abilities, select the hunter and genius runes instead, as they grant ability haste.

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