LoL: Sona ARAM Best Builds, Skins, Runes, More 

LOL Sona ARAM Best Builds, Skins, Runes, More 

Sona, also known as the maven of the strings, is an A-tier champion in League of legends who has the ability to launch attacks on nearby enemies and heal all the nearby teammates in the process.

The power chord is her passive ability which deals damage and slows the enemy down so teammates can attack.

This also increases the power of her ability after you use her basic ability. Sona features three different basic abilities, including the hymn of valor, aria of perseverance, and the Song of celerity. With the hymn of valor ability, attack two nearby enemies at the same time to deal damage while boosting the auto-attacking ability of nearby allies. 

For damage dealing, the hymn of valor is regarded as the main damage dealing ability of Sona. The Aira of Perseverance ability grants a temporary shield for three seconds and heals teammates.

The Song of clarity ability increases the movement speed to help you chase the enemy before they regenerate their health.

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Crescendo is the ultimate ability of Sona that can stun an enemy and deal area of effect damage. If your allies have been dealing damage to an enemy, use the crescendo skill to do the follow-up. It also reduces the cooldown time, making you use her abilities faster.

Sona LoL ARAM Summoner’s Spell

Summoners’ Spell can make the difference, so choose them wisely. There are two summoner spells that work best with Sona, including Clarity and flash.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro player, you will struggle with mana at some point in the game but combine the clarity spell with the archangel’s staff to get rid of this problem. With the flash spell, you can immediately escape if an enemy gets dangerously close to you.

  • Flash – It helps you teleport your champion to a particular distance you choose using the mouse cursor. 
  • Clarity – Using Clarity helps you restore 50% Mana of your champion. It also restores allies for 25% of their Max Mana. 

Both spells come with 49% and 51% win rates while their pick rate is 97% and 40% respectively.

  • Exhaust – It usually helps the player to target the enemy champions by reducing their movement speed by 30%. 
  • Heal – Using Heal Spell may help you heal 90 to 345 Health and it also grants the player 30% Move Speed for 1 second. 
  • Mark – With Mark, you can throw a snowball in a particular line at enemies. 
  • Ignites – Like Exhaust, it targets the enemy champion while dealing with 70 to 410 True Damage for 5 seconds. 

Sona Best Runes in LoL

There isn’t much to discuss when it comes to runes for Sona in LoL ARAM gameplay, however, you need to know about Aery.

Aery provides you with a shielding effect on all the other abilities of Sona and consistently boosts up the damage. The brutal rune takes the penetration of Sona to a whole new level, while the hunter rune increases the ability to haste.

Sona Runes Build: 

  • Precision
  • Resolve
  • Arcane Comet
  • Inspiration

Sona Best Builds In LoL ARAM

Before finalizing your Sona builds, here are some items that you can work on to avoid grinding and go into the battle directly without wasting your time.

These items will cost you around three thousand gold coins each, while some are also available for only a thousand coins. You can swap between these items to experiment with your builds and choose items according to your gameplay. 

  • Archangel’s Staff
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Rod of Ages
  • Harmonic Echo
  • Ardent Censer
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Luden’s Echo
  • Void Staff.

The archangel’s staff is a great item as it helps Sona with mana management, but the staff alone isn’t enough, especially if you want to spam her other abilities as well. You can alternatively build the rod of ages or buy it from the shop to increase the mana pool to the maximum. 

This rod also provides you with some ability power and extra health along with a mana boost.

The harmonic echo increases the healing ability of Sona. You can also opt for the Luden’s echo if you want to boost up her poke damage instead. Both void staff and Rabadon’s Deathcap can boost up the healing effect and the damage of Sona. 

First, build 

For the first build, the starting items include Tear of the Goddess, Amplifying Tome, Protobelt Enchant, and the Ionian Boots of Lucidity, while the core items are Archangel’s Staff, the rod of ages, and Harmonic Echo. Runes for this build are the same as given above. 

Second Build 

For the second build, you all have the same items as the first build, but you have to swap the Protobelt Enchant with the Shadows Enchant. Swap the harmonic echo from the first build with Luden’s Echo to complete the core items required for the second build. 

Sona’s Best Skins

LOL features nine different skins for Sona, and it is difficult to choose a skin because each provides you with something else. Below are the five best Sona skins that you can choose. 

  • Sweetheart Sona is a legendary skin that is available at the shop
  • Odyssey Sona is a legendary skin that is available at the shop
  • DJ Sona is an Awesome skin that is available at the shop
  • Guqin Sona is an Awesome skin that is available at the shop
  • Arcade Sona is an Awesome skin that is available at the shop.

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