How to Surrender in LoL: Wild Rift (2023)

How to Surrender in LoL: Wild Rift (2022)
How to Surrender in LoL: Wild Rift (2022)

Winning and losing are a part of sports, and certainly eSports. League of Legends: Wild Rift is a competitive game that will always end with a result, sometimes in your favor or against.

It gets frustrating when you are grinding hard to win your team a point, but your teammates are contributing nothing towards it. 

When that happens, you always have an option to surrender the game. It is better to surrender and move on to the next game rather than get frustrated with your random teammates. Doing this will save you time, which will be spent in a useless game, and will also minimize tilt. 

Surrendering a game may appear incredible to many Wild Rift players. Many players do not know about the surrender option as it is hidden in the menus. Let us help you out with it, keep on reading to learn how to surrender.

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How Can You Surrender In League Of Legends: Wild Rift? 

When your team is staring at a definite loss, and it is practically impossible to catch up to your enemy team, which is so far ahead, the best you can do is save yourself some time by not delaying the inevitable. You can prevent tilt by keeping your calm and surrendering. 

To surrender during a match, you need to open the settings tab (one with the gear icon). 

You will see a surrender button at the bottom of the screen. When you press the button, you will activate a vote which will decide whether you get to surrender or not. 

The vote needs to be passed in a majority of 4:1. If the vote result is 3:2, your surrender request will be denied. If the surrender request goes through and you get a majority vote, the current game will end. You can start a new match or take a break as you like. 

In League of Legends: Wild Rift, you must play at least 5 minutes (300 seconds) of a game before you can initiate the surrender vote. If your team does not agree with your decision to surrender and your vote fails, make sure to play through the match. Otherwise, you will be penalized for leaving the game abruptly. 

The more AFK you are, the harsher penalty you will receive. If your AFK time is 3-6 minutes, the penalty will be a 10 minutes ban from playing any game. If your AFK time is more than 6 minutes, you will be banned for 20 minutes.

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