LoL 2023 Worlds: All The Details In One Place

Season 12 Worlds dates, locations, and schedule

The pandemic made traveling and organizing events a pain, however, the fans can finally look forward to a proper Worlds setting. Riot recently revealed the schedule, date, and locations where LoL Worlds 2022 will take place.

The current season 12’s pro scene will have a chance to host many teams that will brawl for the championship of the world. Riot didn’t hold back, as they shared the entire schedule of the event as well as cities where matches will be hosted.

Fans will finally have a chance to see their favorite players take on the opposition live. Remember that in Season 3, the entire Staples Center was sold-out, and the following year, more than 40,000 fans came to support the players at the Championship in Seoul.

We can only imagine how exciting it will be to see professional League of Legends players perform live once more. There is no doubt Riot will prepare something amazing but for now, let us check out the schedule and dates for the upcoming League Worlds Championship.

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Season 12 Worlds dates, locations, and schedule

The Worlds 2022 will start on the 29th of September to the 5th of November. It will be spread out across five weeks as usual, with many smaller breaks. Play-in, group stage, playoff semifinals, and grand finals will be held in four cities. The participants have not been chosen yet, as the summer season is still in full effect.

Riot revealed a bunch of information about the Worlds 2022. It will take place in North America and Mexico, excluding Canada this year. New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco are all chosen to host the event with Mexico City joining the mix.

The championship starts in Mexico City and slowly makes its way to San Francisco for the finals.

Along the way, players will have to face a tiresome traveling schedule; a nearly 5-hour flight from Mexico City to New York in the northeast. From New York, players will head southeast to Atlanta, and top it all off with a cross-country flight from the east coast to the west coast, to San Francisco.

The following is the schedule for the upcoming Season 12 Championship:

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Play-in stage

The beginning of Worlds will take place in Mexico City from the 29th to the 4th of October at the Artz Pedregal Esports Stadium. Twelve teams will compete for entry to the group stage. Two LEC teams will join the mix as well, to compete for the four group stage spots.

Group stage

New York will be the next city to offer players a chance to advance to the quarterfinals. The second stage of the tournament will be held in Madison Square Garden, Hulu Theater, with 16 teams divided into four groups. The top two from each group will have to rise above the rest.

Quarterfinals knockout stage

For this stage, players will not have to go far, as the event will just move doors to the Madison Square Garden proper, is an indoor arena that hosted a part of the 2016 LoL Worlds as well. The quarterfinals will last from the 20th to the 23rd of October.

Semifinals knockout stage

State Farm Arena will open its doors for the next stage of the 2022 LoL World Championship. The knockout stage was set to take place in Ontario, Canada, but in the end, Atlanta was considered the better location for the event. Stakes will be high as the participants will have a chance to come out on top from the 29th to the 30th of October as the finalists.

Grand finals

For the spectacular end of the championship, grand finals participants will measure their

strength in the Chase Center, San Francisco. With even less seating space than the MSG, the atmosphere will undoubtedly be on point. As for the dates, the League 2022 Worlds Grand finals will take place on the 5th of November.

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