Does Splitgate Have Aim Assist?

Does Splitgate Have Aim Assist

Ever since its debut, Splitgate has had this ‘aiming’ differential when it comes to the different platforms that the game is available on.

In this guide, we’re going to examine just what exactly this problem is since it’s surely something that the community has been ranting about for a while now and maybe give you a quick fix but first to answer your question:

Splitgate does have aim assist however it’s not available on all platforms. You only get access to the aim assists feature when playing splitgate from consoles, this feature isn’t available for PC users but there’s a workaround.

Months after the release, the creators came clean

Well, we gotta give props to 1047 games here for they weren’t the ones trying to hide anything when it came to their newborn baby.

The developers just came and downright admitted in a tweet months after the game’s debut that, and I quote, ‘There’s a slight amount of aim assist. Yes, you read that right.

But just what does this statement mean?

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Playing Splitgate on consoles vs PC

As we all know, when it comes to first-person shooters, there’s usually some degree of ‘aim-assist’ for console players since playing on a keyboard and mouse is considered to gravitate more towards the ‘easier’ way of doing things.

And when it comes to our beloved ‘Splitgate’, that holds true in all its entirety.

You can train a gazillion hours to improve your aim given how many tools PC users have when it comes to shooters but still, a 13-year-old on a console will have a much better aim than you have, that’s how the game is supposed to work.

So yeah, when people say that modern games are becoming easier, this is what they’re talking about.

Want to see for yourself? Here’s how!

Well, if you’re one of those skeptical users that aren’t having any of what we’ve been talking about so far then we got some ‘proof’ to back our claims up.

Hop into a game and try aiming a little. For best results, use both the PC and the console and you’ll notice the difference yourselves. There’s a clear ‘aim-assist’ activated when you’re playing the game on a console, something that isn’t there when the PC version of the game is in the equation.

I mean it’s only natural that this has been a huge thing in the community but with the consoles being bigger than ever, it’s not that hard to see what’s exactly been going on, right?

I mean it’s not like you’re going to blast everyone’s brain out by going on a headshot spree but still, worrying about the slight bit of error using the left control stick just wouldn’t be there anymore.

How to access Splitgate aim assist on PC

For starters, you can join the console clan and have the system give you a little helping hand here and there but if you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your gaming rig or choose to game on PC, we doubt that will make you switch.

However, here’s a little trick to access aim assist on a PC. It’s really simple.

Turn off cross-play and if you’re a PC user, that should solve all your problems! Try it out yourself and I’m pretty sure you’ll feel like all the issues related to this game have recently vanished all of a sudden and now you have access to better aiming.

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