Does Harvestella Have Romance

Does Harvestella Have Romance? (Full Answer)

What do you get when you combine Final Fantasy and Rune Factory? Harvestella is the answer, as it’s an addicting role-playing game that combines action and farming in one big package.

Though it was only released recently, the game already has a fanbase and gamers always love balancing their character’s life between farming crops and saving the world from a deadly plague.

One of the most important aspects of RPGs with life simulation elements is romance, as we all wish that our protagonists have a lovely relationship as a reward for all their struggles. And with Harvestella – this is no different as fans naturally wish to participate in such mechanics.

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Does Harvestella Have Romance?

So, does Harvestella have romance? Can you have a relationship with other characters in Harvestella? And does the game let you fall in love? Let’s answer these questions right away!

Yes, Harvestella has romance and the game lets players become life partners with one of eight possible characters.

What can you romance in Harvestella?

You can romance 8 different characters in Harvestella based on your intimacy with them:

  • Asyl
  • Cres
  • Istina
  • Aria
  • Emo
  • Shrika
  • Heine
  • Brakka

How to Romance in Harvestella?

The method to romance characters in Harvestella is simple: you have to build up your intimacy with them. The best way to do this is to complete the main story of the game and you can help every character with their unique side stories.

It may sound like a big task, but the game has a lot of gameplay value even after the main story has been completed.

Once you’ve helped them out and built your intimacy to the max level, a Partnership option will be unlocked. After that, you can choose to become life partners with that character, and they will move in with the player and live with them. And your character will give them a Promise Ring too.

Though the game does not give a specific label to the relationship, you can assume the partnership to be whatever you want based on your preferences. After all, we all make our own canon – and living with someone can be interpreted in many ways.

How to Romance in Harvestella

However, it’s worth noting that your character gives them a Promise Ring, which can both be seen as a marriage or at least becoming a fiancé since rings are often exchanged in an engagement ceremony.

We hope that you found this guide useful and are already on your way to partnering with someone in Harvestella.

If you wish to know whether you can marry someone in the game or not – you can head over to our guide with the answer to that question too: Can You Get Married In Harvestella?

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